Cecilia Pedersén

Performance Consultant

Cecilia has a Master of Science in Industrial Economics, from Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden. She has nearly ten years of experience as a Project Manager and Senior Manager at Volvo Penta and Volvo Group Trucks Technology, where she was in charge of change processes and reorganizations. She was also responsible for projects within problem solving and knowledge management. During her time at Volvo Cecilia gained international experience with key responsibility for product and quality.  She has also been a driving force in culture and diversity-related processes.

Cecilia Pedersén
Hi Cecilia!

You are quite new at YesP, why us?

I was looking for new challenges and was told of YesP. They fit my skills and experience perfectly so I contacted YesP and… It feels great to be here. A bit like a dream come true…

As a consultant, what do you bring to YesP?

I think my openness, curiosity and drive contributes to current projects while at the same time it broadens, adds perspectives and breaks new ground. I’ve myself recently worked practically in similar processes that our customers, it gives me a relevant perspective and a deeper understanding of many of the challenges they are facing.


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