All on board? Creating Real Change

Fredrik Grafström

Fredrik is senior performance management consultant and change management specialist at YesP. He has worked as a consultant for nearly 15 years. He has successfully managed several change and performance related processes at Volvo, Yara and Varbergs Sparbank to name a few.

Fredrik GrafströmChange and Performance Management Consultant

All on board?

To successfully run a major organizational change, there are no shortcuts. Both employees and managers need to actively commit to their own performance as to the overall business results.

When the entire organization is involved and committed to drive the change forward you are bound to get a desired result in considerably less time, Fredrik Grafström at YesP explains.

Certainly there will be unforeseeable obstacles along the way but since employees at all levels play a crucial part for the organizations products, services and culture, it is essential that they be given the right conditions for success from the very beginning.

Creating Real Change

Practically this means that strategic decisions need to be applied to realistic and measurable actions. How this ought to be done vary from organization to organization. There are no standard solutions, no right or wrong. But the aim should always be to create lasting change, minimize inactivity and handle operational everyday life without lack of efficiency.

For most organizations facing major challenges the management’s role and responsibilities are clearly defined and understood according to vision and strategy. But that same clarity is not always conveyed to the rest of the organization. It is only through an all encompassing clarity and understanding that we can achieve strong commitment and dedication. In my experience, a lot of managers don’t spend enough time and effort on this, ” Fredrik explains.

When you get everybody on board the change process energy, initiative and cooperation can flow freely. It’s up to the management to set the balance between freedom and structure and to make sure quality standards, policies and economical settings are understood throughout the organization.

Engagement and trust for a greater performance

Managing change requires responsiveness, ability to see and the courage to confront people’s different needs and perspectives. At the same time desirability and trust in the change ahead, like reorganization, a new launch or a merger, needs to be installed. Managers also need to pay attention to and properly handle the frictions that arise in relationships and interactions among individuals, groups and departments.

Dedication, pace and flexibility that drives and supports the change process is created by a clear and convincing leadership that installs confidence, trust and encourages individual ownership of both the organization’s results as individual performance, Fredrik says.

YesP works within our client’s organizational structures in close partnership with management and other employees, focusing on areas that include efficiency/business development and strategic planning. In everything we do we are driven to create real change. In partnership we increase performance to create better results.