YesP was founded in 2001 but our story began long before that.

Livslinjen (Lifeline)

Back in the early 80s, we developed a unique approach to personal change and cultural development within the Volvo Group, called Livslinjen (Lifeline). It was a pioneering development programme linking lifestyle choices, stress management, job motivation and personal goals. A staggering 96% of all employees chose to get involved and over the years more than 13,000 people at all levels had a participated. And the impact achieved was striking.

Our experience turned to knowledge. We had uncovered a successful formula that would help and motivate people to take personal responsibility for their life and work situation. The parts for success were lust, encouragement, goals, close follow-up and support all along the way.

Freedom, love and meaning

As responsible for Volvo Group’s effort our programme was exported to other companies. INSEAD was first then followed IKEA, Manpower, Levi ‘s, NCC, PEAB, SEB, ICA, CAA, KF, Rasta, SJ, Autoliv, Volvo. It was a success story. But early on we noticed a connection between personal needs and business needs. It was obvious when those were in sync and when they were not. It got us more and more focused on values, corporate culture, leadership and co-workership.

At a time when organizations’ development needs often resulted in the purchase of kick-off’s, inspirational lectures, leadership academies and team building, we observed the lack of long-term committment and impact. We also observed rising gaps between leaders and employees that lead to inertia and trust issues, and research showed only 10% ROI on traditional leadership development.

När insatserna inte involverar samtliga men effekten förväntas av samtliga skapas snarare exkludering med t ex cyniska beteenden.
Pictured above: When the efforts do not involve everyone but the effects are expected of everyone it creates exclusion, which can for example lead to cynical behaviors.

Better Performance

We decided to become really good at “Performance”. Our experience of working with people and personal change told us that the connection to “People Performance” was evident.  With that as our focal point and a passion for human performance we founded YesP in December of 2001.  A mix of inter-disciplinary skills, most of which with its own CEO experience and all with deep knowledge of performance and change gave us an energetic and successful start.

Our message ”Let people perform” spread out into the world via Nokia, IKEA, Elanders, Volvo, Autoliv. For example, performance increased through assignments in 14 countries for AB Volvo, as well as a group level effort on developing corporate culture in Autoliv. Our office in Beijing was in 2004 groundbreaking with teachings of Scandinavian leadership and corporate culture.

Our story keeps on growing. With our focus on the importance of doing great things together, a common direction, doing something useful, self-responsibility and the collective of organisations. For greater performance and a better working life both locally and worldwide.

Lisa and Hans-Peter Arnborg, founders, YesP