Juan Pablo Ortiz

Senior Performance Consultant

Juan Pablo has previously worked for the United Nations where he was responsible for information activities and project management in regards to aid and development issues. He has also worked as an international consultant and Managing Director of an IT company.

Juan Pablo is a cosmopolitan with the eye outwards at the same time as he always is present in everyday life. Juan-Pablo is frequently hired as a lecturer and facilitator at international conferences. He is also a leading force in the ISPI (International Society for Performance Improvement), a global network of consultants, specialists and scientists working with proven methodologies to develop the performance of organisations, teams and individuals. A particularly prominent feature of Juan-Pablo is his ability to get people to appreciate and make use of differences.

Juan Pablo Ortiz
Hi Juan Pablo!

Vad betyder mest för dig på YesP?

Vår gemensamma plattform som gör det möjligt för mig att tillhöra liknande värderingar, driv och kompetens. Att får göra det jag brinner för tillsammans med likasinnade. Vi är naturligtvis alla olika med varierande synpunkter men vi har en fantastisk stämning som är mycket betydelsefull.

Hur är du som konsult?

In lyssnande och tillförlitlig. Jag har ett brett perspektiv vilket gör att jag kan se utmaningar och möjligheter från mer än ett håll. Men framförallt har jag ett genuint intresse för andra människor.

Mer om Juan Pablo

Bor i Alingsås med frun Åsa, barnen Matteo och Antonia samt Welsh terriern Totem. Uppskattar naturen och och gillar att röra på sig. Är intresserad av omvärlden och mångfald.


Juan Pablo Ortiz, born 1966, joined YesP in 2003.

Juan Pablo has been working as an international consultant since 1993.  He worked for the United Nations for seven years, including assignments as a public affairs officer, and focal point for United Nations Volunteers and HIV & AIDS.  Based at the time in Colombia, he worked in several countries in North and South America.

He has also several years experience from international business in the IT industry, where he was CEO for a fast-growing internet company between 2000 and 2002.

At YesP, Juan Pablo has been responsible for successful performance improvement interventions and change processes in large organisations in Europe and Asia.  Leadership development has been the main objective of many of these assignments, with focus on the business, a well-defined leadership platform, individual coaching, and systematic follow-up as some of the success factors surrounding training and workshops.  He is knowledgeable and experienced in all phases involved in such processes, from analysis to evaluation.

Juan Pablo has formal education in journalism and communication, with strong writing, facilitation, and public speaking skills.   He is an active member of the International Society for Performance Improvement – ISPI, a worldwide community devoted to research and practice in the field of human performance.  Juan Pablo has lived in three different continents, and he is fluent in English, Swedish, and Spanish.


1985 – 1990       Journalism and Communicatio, Universidad de la Sabana, Colombia

1984                   Bachiller Colegio San Carlos, Bogotá – Colombia


2008                   Culture Transformation Tools

2005                   Fluent Performance

2005                   Principles and Practices in Human Performance Technology

2004 – 2005       NLP Master Practitioner

1995 – 1996       Design and formulation of  International Technical Cooperation Projects

1990                   Introducción a la Pedagogía


2003 –                 YesP AB, Performance Consultant

                           Process oriented missions  focusing company culture, global leadership, individual- and teamdevelopment in management teams and throughout organizations. Also designing and implementing structures for ”People Performance”.

2000 – 2002        Buyonet Sweden AB, Managing Director and International VP, Operations and Client Services

1998 – 2000       Buyonet International, Marketing and Customer Service Manager

1997 – 2002       Civis Stiftelse (NGO), Program Development Consultant

1996 – 1997       United Nations Development Programme, Consultant to HIV & Development Program

1996                   United Nations Development Programme, Assistant Programme Officer

1991 – 1995       United Nations Development Programme, Public Affairs Officer


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Phone: +46 73-355 38 91

E-mail: Juan Pablo Ortiz

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