Lisa Arnborg

Vice President, Senior Performance Consultant

Lisa Arnborg is one of YesP’s founders. She is an experienced performance consultant with broad experience in strategic change processes, management team support, executive programs, organizational development, cultural development and coaching. In efforts to increase individual as well as overall performance in organizations she has been running processes for management and employee development where key skills have been trained; for example, feedback, coaching, communication, change, conflict and crisis management.

As owner, founder and vice president at YesP Lisa has extensive first-hand experience as a leader. In Lisa’s understanding of the employer’s role includes both formal performance management with objectives and skills in recruitment and ability to operate an employees policy in line with legislative duties and company values.

Hi Lisa!

You are a co-founder of YesP, what’s the journey been like for you?

One of YesP fundamental ideas was that all hierarchical levels must be included in order to create high-performance organizations. As we developed this further and with great success, satisfied clients gave us confidence in our delivery and the experience provided a winning concept. We also quickly adapted to an international network with global focus that gave us valuable skills.

Our idea and concept are still very much alive today, perhaps even more so. Financial aspects, efficiency and competition are all heightened challenges that to succeed require high-performance organizations that really involve all.

What does Enjoy Performance mean to you?

To perform is for most a mixture of feelings, doubt, fear, anxiety, joy and pleasure. Motivation must start with the fact that we believe that our performance is possible, that we can succeed. The essence in performance culture is all about the joy and satisfaction of doing great things, to perform, along with others.


Lisa Arnborg, born 1965, is one of the founders of YesP.

Lisa has been working with culture and change processes for nearly 20 years as a performance consultant and coach. With a deep understanding of the drivers of individual and corporate performance, Lisa has a long success record in enhancing organisational effectiveness and tapping into people’s potential.  She has extensive experience of leadership and executive coaching in the global context, Europe, Asia and the Americas. She has been training and coaching to enhance the leadership performance individually as well as training and coaching many management teams and large groups of leaders. “What strikes me is that the same hinders for business performance tend to pop up wherever in the world I work with leaders”, says Lisa. My benchmark on how to deal with this is quite interesting. I always use this in my leadership trainings”.

Lisa has a formal education in behavioural science, strategic brand management, and she is a master practitioner in business coaching. Lisa is fluent in English and Swedish.


1989                                    Physio Therapist


2008                                   Cultural transformation Tools

2005                                    NLP Master practitioner

2003                                    NLP Practitioner

2003                                    NLP Master Business practitioner

2000                                    IHM Strategic Brand Management


2002 –              YesP AB. Owner. Performance consultant. Systems approach on building high performance organizations. Responsible as a project leader for designing and working with performance enhancing processes in global companies.

2001-2002       Dill  AB. Partner. Performance consultant, leadership and team trainer. Brand manager.

1990-2001    Livslinjen AB. Trainer and consultant. Leadership, communication, Building strong teams.

1989-1990       Volvo Friskvård. Health promotion within Volvo Cars. Strong focus on motivation and change on an individual basis

More about Lisa

Married to Hans-Peter. Have three children, a dog and two cat. Lives in Lerum. Is a keen bather, in fresh or salt water and during all seasons. Enjoys a mix of glamorous parties and being out-doors.

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Phone: +46 73-355 38 81

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