Assessments and tools

YesP has a wide range of services including business management and general business and team development to individual and executive coaching. Most of our services can be tailored to the client’s needs.

Strategic management and real performance development

All our services facilitate our client’s journey from a current situation to a desired one, supported by our wide-ranging set of assessments and tools.

For example our Performance Index (™ YesP), which measures the current state of an organization’s total or individual performance. Another assessment available is Acumen Leadership Work styles that provide leaders with insights into their own management style. In addition, we are certified users of CTT (culture transformation tool), Denison Organizational Culture, for cultural assessment, DISC providing individual profile assessment as well as Harrison Assessments for recruitment and talent development. We have good knowledge in LEAN and assessments linked to continuous performance improvements.

Our experience working with large organizations with high demands on quality and results is vast, but above all, we know how to implement change processes and strategies in the workplace.

Please find more information on available assessments and tools  in the list or contact one of our consultants directly.


Performance Assessment

Performance assessment is a tool that evaluates and focuses on the company’s performance based on management and employees’ perception of the current situation. It’s a process tool that provides a common view of overall performance, strengths and weaknesses, and eventual differences between countries, titles, positions, etc. The result clarifies actions and decisions to best benefit your business performance.

Denison Organization Culture Survey (DOCS)

Denison Organizational Culture Survey aims to assess an organization’s cultural strengths and weaknesses to determine aspects that influence the overall performance. By using the assessment organizations are able to compare their organizational culture against a global database and develop actions to improve their current practices.

The analysis provides organizations the ability to:

  • assess the strengths and weaknesses that affect performance
  • identify areas for improvement
  • adjust change in culture and leadership
  • create development initiatives

Culture Transformation Tools (CTT)

CTT (Cultural Transformation Tools) is a set of tools for measuring and determine values and culture in an organization. The basic idea in cultural assessment is that common goals and core values will increase the feeling of belonging and meaning, which makes us both feel and perform better.

CTT focus mainly to assess:

  • Consistency between personal values and current values of the organization
  • Consistency between current and desired values of the organization
  • Entropy. A value that indicates what percentage of the current values is potentially limiting. With high entropy, there are energy waste and fears in the organization
  • How united the current culture is


Harrison Assessments Talent Solutions (HATS)

Harrison Assessments’ talent recruitment ensures you hire the best candidate while at the same time minimize your assessment costs and save up to 80% of administration time.

Most companies create minimum requirements for education, job experience, and skills when recruiting employees. However, most employers do not systematically assess job eligibility (experience, education, and skills). Nor do they fully assess all the important behavioral suitability factors such as attitudes, motivations, interpersonal skills, interests, work values, work preferences and corporate values. Although most employers would agree on the importance of a comprehensive and systematic approach for talent recruitment, few companies have the time or expertise to create the necessary talent recruitment technology.

Harrison Assessment:

  • Assessing eligibility and suitability for a given role
  • Reduces time and resources for each recruitment
  • Reduces the risk to screen out potential high performers
  • Unmatched accuracy
  • More than 6500 unique organizational profiles
  • 20-30 minute assessment correspond to more than one full day test with traditional methods

Personality Profile Analysis (DISC PPA)

Thomas personal profile Analysis (PPA) provides an accurate picture of how people behave at work. It gives a higher reassurance in recruitment and identifies where morale should be strengthened in order to avoid staff turnover.

Thomas PPA also helps decreasing time managing underperforming employees and more time on them who will really drive the business forward.

Thomas PPA only takes about 8 minutes to complete. The profile provides information about a person’s strengths and limitations, their communication style, their values, what motivates them, their basic fears and how they behave under stress.

TST Tests for Selection and Training

TST measures a person’s potential for development and how quickly a person can attain new information and develop new abilities. Thomas General Intelligence Assessment (GIA) measures a person’s mental resources. By understanding how quickly employees can learn and retain new skills and procedures, you will get a reliable estimate about their ability to understand or develop in a new role.

Acumen Leadership workstyles

Is a 360 ° feedback program and self-assessment for managers and leaders. The program captures the attitudes and thought patterns that are crucial for your ability to act and lead effectively. Based on the results, the program gives descriptive reports on how your attitudes and mindsets affect your ability to set goals, manage projects, work with others and exercise leadership.

Team Management Profile (TMP)

Team Management Profile (DISC TMP) helps to ensure that your team is employed to its maximum ability. How do you ensure that your team performs at its highest ability? What is the key to managing them as an operational unit, rather than as individuals? With Thomas Team, along with TMP, you and your team will understand strengths, limitations and the value it bring to the organization. It allows you to increase performance in your team by managing them more efficiently. TMP will provide you with a profile and answer many questions. Use TMP to inspire your team to achieve more, see training needs and identify gaps in skills that can be filled through recruitment.