Empowerment and Recognition

To facilitate a group always aims at guiding and supporting as well as creating involvement and responsibility. A facilitator is responsible for enhancing and developing organizations by leading them towards jointly set goals in an unbiased but engaging role.

At YesP we have several years experience of facilitating many different types of assignments. We have facilitated large groups at international conferences and debates as well as groups at national universities and organizations. Our consultants are highly qualified for this type of meeting process and are skilled at empowering, recognizing and developing people.

YesP consultants are highly experienced speakers. Our expertise in performance, motivation and cultural change processes is something that we with great enthusiasm happily share. With inspiring personalities and an entertaining approach our seminars are always academically based but still straightforward.


Jonas Wirén

It’s important to have a clear structure and stay focused on purpose yet at the same time try to challenge individual barriers like fears and restraints. Key is to make everyone feel involved and to achieve an open and honest communication.

Jonas WirénPerformance Consultant and Head of Training at Yesp