Performance Coaching

YesP was one of the first consultancies in Sweden to offer performance coaching. We now have over 20 years of international experience coaching corporate executives, middle managers and employees around the world.

YesP: s certified coaches always focus on individual needs and improvements in effectiveness and performance. We know what a difference performance coaching can do for the ability to achieve goals and improve performance. To have someone who inspires, challenges, motivates and bring out the very best is imperative for success.

Impact and result

The main purpose of Performance coaching is to encourage and improve employee or executive performance and effectiveness with personal development as a result. It sets us apart from other coaching companies on the market, which often emphases personal development without any clear performance effect.

YesP has extensive experience in coaching people from different cultures, countries and industries.

YesP har lång erfarenhet av att coacha människor från olika kulturer, länder och branscher.

Customized approach

For us at YesP performance coaching is about new thinking, possible action and learning how to explore one’s full potential to successfully handle challenges and opportunities ahead. It provides a deeper understanding for one’s motivations, abilities and commitments in order to perform.

Performance coaching is always based on the coachee’s needs, role and challenges like; starting a new role, clarifying strategy, improving effectiveness of a management team, understanding cultural differences etc.

We offer Performance coaching for

  • Executives
  • Managers
  • Employee and co-workers
  • Teams and project groups

Performance coaching always entails several sessions, with different capacity and span depending on organizational needs and personal preferences. We always begin the first session by clarifying and determine expectations and requirements as provided from manager or board members. Part of coaching sessions is devoted to the analysis and conclusions of the personal profile analysis according to HATS* or DISC*. We also provide learning materials, scientific articles, as well as methods and tools to use in everyday life. The coaching is always custom-made and, of course, confidential.