A leadership network for an even better performance, energy and joy

In our profession we meet with CEOs and decision makers from various businesses around the world. Quite frequently the leader is a lonely, sometimes isolated person who is expected to be wiser and able to solve all issues. As pressure increases and expectations get higher we notice an increased need for support, energy and venting new ideas in an open and honest environment.

At the same time, we meet several leaders who are more and more interested and knowledgeable in strategy and change issues, organizational culture and the art of managing people and business.

To address this we offer P.network, a network of decision makers in various organizations. To focus on an even better performance, more energy and joy in leadership.

Welcome to P.network!

Patrick Holm

Our work on performance and leadership related issues has been very helpful and given me new perspectives. But it’s the networking itself that has been most valuable, an amazing group of leaders and managers that share laughter and insights with great dedication.

Patrick HolmCEO, Svenskt Tryck

P.network executives:



Hans-Peter Arnborg

Hans-Peter has been working with leadership, change processes, corporate culture and performance development for over 25 years. Since 1990, he has been managing consulting businesses within the field and trained leaders and organizations on performance development. Assignments include AB Volvo, Levi’s, SJ, E.on, Elanders, IKEA, Abba Seafood. Hans-Peter is the founder and CEO of YesP.



Jonas Woxberg

Jonas is since the mid 90s a financial advisor to the financial industry. He has a passion for issues regarding individual and organizational performance development. He argues that the key to increasing performance is to surround one self with the right people and the right framework. Jonas runs several networks with different focus. He is a valued speaker on networking and performance development.