Performance and Change Management

We work closely with our clients as a long-term partner through out their work with performance and change related improvements. The uniqueness with YesP:s offer is that we combine human factors with structural aspects to connect the dots between people performance and organizational results. Practically this means that strategic decisions are transferred to practical and measurable actions. Together with our clients, we develop the organizational culture and increase overall performance to create better results.

Over the last 15 years we have executed several of major change management projects in Sweden and Internationally. From large corporate groups with 60 000 employees to smaller organizations with no more than 30 employees.

Success is possible due to:

  • We clarify and establish strategies and facilitate organizational development
  • We increase focus, confidence and direct the collective effort towards meeting the common objectives
  • We increase drive and cooperation
  • We establish a performance-oriented culture with simple structures.

Better Performance

To successfully build a high-performance organization, there are no shortcuts. All employees as well as leaders need to actively take a stand for their own and the overall performance of the organization. When everyone is committed to their performance it will reflect on the company’s result.

Research shows that in most companies world wide only 20% of employees are genuinely committed to their job. The same percentage of employees, 20%, are disengaged.

This is one of the greatest development potentials organizations have but often do not know how to handle.

At YesP we are passionate about helping organizations and individuals to reach their full potential. We see an undeniable link between performance and results and know how to establish hands-on ways to improve performance without compromising balance. Practically this means that everything we do affects the organization in terms of better performance and change of behaviors.

Management Team Development

An organization with high-performance management team is characterized by that it reaches or exceeds set goals in the short and long term. YesP’s consultants always focus on the need and challenges of the organizations, the team or the individual and the results that has to be delivered. We have extensive international experience from assignments with management teams in a variety of industries and organizations.

Strategic Management Support

Team Development

Team development is all about creating effective, collaborating and result oriented teams that base their teamwork on trust, honesty and clarity.

The basis of YesP’s team development is always to clarify the team’s direction. . This is to ensure that the team’s direction, interact with the overall direction of the business or organization.

Leadership Development

As organizations are faced with globalization, generationally and culturaly diversity, the skills needed to lead have also changed. YesP:s provides training to develop better leadership skills to increase efficiency, interaction and create synergies across the organization.

Our consultants have provided leadership performance development to organizations worldwide for many years. In our work we have concluded that the effort that gives best effect occurs when our clients gather leaders together to work with the company’s direction and challenges.

Cultural Development

A high-performance culture is essential for building employee commitment and passion, management swiftness and flexibility and driving and supporting growth.  It is characterized by:

  • A clear, compelling, communicated corporate purpose to shape business decisions, generate customer loyalty and inspire employee passion and performance.
  • Shared organizational values that guide people as well as influence business practices and decisions
  • An environment that encourages individual ownership of both the organization’s bottom-line results and its cultural foundation.

How many changes in policies, routines or procedures have you experienced in the last three years? How many visible changes in behaviors and attitudes have you experienced during that same period of time? Unless our mindset is in sync with structural makeovers not much has actually changed, or can change…

Lisa Arnborg
Lisa ArnborgPerformance Consultant, YesP