Ulf Sjödin

Senior Performance Consultant

Ulf has for the last 15 years worked with leadership challenges facing local and global organizations. He has developed structures and strategies concerning leadership issues and business development and has established several strong platforms for leadership training. Ulf has conducted over 100 different leadership and cultural change programs. Due to his background as an educator, facilitator and coach, Ulf is a requested facilitator on leadership related issues both locally and globally.

Ulf’s background as an educator and leader in public administration certifies a thorough understanding of the specific challenges that characterize politically governed organizations. His educational background, combined with international expertise in managing large and complex processes provide our clients a unique opportunity for development.

Hi Ulf!

You have several years of work experience before YesP, how have you had use of this?

I’m able to quickly, especially in larger organizations, put myself in context and understand what is going on. During my time as a teacher in elementary school, I had many thoughts and reflections on leadership. How do we get people to do their best? All my life, both socially and professionally, I have been in the realm of developing other people. To say Yes and to have faith in others.

When do you have most fun on the job?

When I get to do what I’m best at and I can tell it’s of great value to clients. When there is an environment in which everyone is involved and contributes towards a common goal.


Ulf Sjödin, born 1955, joined YesP in 2008.

Ulf has been working with global leadership challenges during the past 10 years. Until recently, He worked for Autoliv as an HR director with global responsibility for leadership development, corporate culture, and change. He was based in Munich for two years in connection with his international assignment. He has extensive experience in designing and implementing structures and tools to enhance and sustain business performance.

Ulf has formal education and long experience as a teacher, trainer and organisational development. He has in this role been conducting and facilitating  leadership development in the majority of the European countries and also in US and Asia. He has the experience both working with diverse global groups and also groups from a specific country. Ulfs experience during the last 5 years is some 50 seven days leadership trainings around the globe. In all these trainings Ulf has developed all content put into participant- and facilitator guides .He is a certified practitioner in a wide range of assessments and tools for leadership development and performance improvements. Ulf is fluent in English and Swedish.


1992-1994          School of humanities, Education and social studies, Örebro University

1982                   Bachelor in Pedagogics Göteborgs Universitety

1976                   High school Engineering


1998 – 2008       Certified in FranklinCovey 7 habits, Leadership and Four roles, DISC Personality Profile, TMP Team Managament Profile, Cultural transformation tools


2008 –                 YesP AB, Management consultant focusing on People Performance.

                           Process oriented missions  focusing company culture, global leadership, individual- and teamdevelopment in management teams and throughout organizations. Also designing and implementing structures for ”People Performance”.

1998 – 2008        Autoliv Group                                                                                                                           

See detailed list below
2004 – 2008                   Autoliv Group, HR Director,
Global responsible for Leadership development

2002 – 2004        Autoliv Europe, HR Director,
Europe responsible for “People Development”

1998 – 2002        Autoliv Sverige, Competency manager
Responsible for all competence- and leadership development

1996 – 1998        Alingsås community, Principal

1994 – 1996        Essunga community, principal

1982 – 1994        Teacher experience

More about Ulf

Married with three children. Resides in in Alingsås. Dedicated to orienteering who also spend a lot of time running, skiing and cycling. Enjoys the outdoors that may well be challenging.

Contact Ulf

Phone: +46 73-355 38 90

E-mail: Ulf Sjödin

Ulf Sjödin