Work Recognition and Celebration

A high performance environment generally has a culture where every individual is more than happy to express “good job” or “well done”! It usually has a management that recognizes achievements and initiates celebrations. The process itself is a success factor and provides a cooperative workplace. We know that this type of recognition and acknowledgement in the workplace helps create a culture of engagement, confidence and cooperation that in turn leads to growth and accomplishment.

Sadly we still come across organisations that fail to recognize this. For some, causes for celebration are only applied at anniversaries or retirements. This can form an unwanted barrier to great performances and may create a stiff organization, increase uncertainty and blur the importance of every individual’s contribution.

Take a moment and reflect on how, why and when you celebrate at your workplace? What did you celebrate last time?

We put the question to two very different professionals: an inspiring event innovator and entrepreneur to a VP of the financial grail that is New York City. Enjoy!

Afshin Akbari, MD and co-founder at Sport&E

What does your company celebrate?

We actually don’t celebrate personal occasions per se. The beauty of working with events is that it kind of gratifies itself. There is so much celebration involved each time we see a successful event through, to positively affect so many is the greatest reward.

How does your company celebrate?

By making sure every individual feels important and reassured at all times, even when success doesn’t materialize. By incorporating empowerment and recognition in our daily dialogue.

What effects does your way of celebrating have?

Mutual loyalty, enthusiasm and respect. But above all, we have a lot of fun!

Fabian Eliasson, Vice President, US Corporate FX Sales Mizuho Financial Group, New York??

What does your company celebrate?

Result. It is as simple (or brutal) as that. The financial industry has always been purely driven by result and as such, attracts those motivated by the same. It is a competitive and individualistic industry with not much room or need for collective celebration.

How does your company celebrate?

The financial climate of late hasn’t allowed for any extravagances. When half your workforce is made redundant a big bash celebrating those who made the cut is simply not justifiable. Sure there are reward schemes and industry recognition but at the end of the day, it’s the size of your paycheck that celebrates you or not.

What effects does your way of celebrating have?

That it attracts hard-working, result driven and money-motivated individuals. It also means that your strongest bond is with your clients rather than your co-workers.

By Madeleine Eltonius
By Madeleine EltoniusYesP