Briefly about us

YesP is a consultancy company focusing on organizational and performance development. We deliver real drive and performance development, not just research or consultancy reports. Our working methods are based on international research, process knowledge, modern pedagogics and an extensive experience in international change management that leads to better results.

We build organizations that in the short and long term performs better

We build organizations that make it easier for people to perform

We help people increase their will to perform and to take responsibility of their performance

At YesP we have over 15 years experience of performance and change management. For employees it provides a greater job satisfaction, motivation and meaningfulness. For employers, it means better results, competitiveness and attractiveness.

Our work is often about supporting the development of strategy, measure and analyze performance and help the entire organization, a subdivision, a leader, a team or a number of key players to create engagement, drive and commitment to achieve business and operational goals.

YesP stands for a high performance concept in its most encouraging context, where performance is not something stressful, but rather something that enriches both individuals and organizations. Our work promotes long-term sustainable performance and become a counterweight to poor leadership, weak accountability and negligent handling of human power and creativity.