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Organizational Development
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Cultural Analysis & Cultural Strategy
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Jörgen Sjöstrand, General Manager, Volvo CE säger att de ser en markant skillnad i kulturen efter att ha arbetat med YesP.
"We acknowledge a distinct difference in our culture. Change processes are met with greater enthusiasm and commitment at all levels."
Jörgen Sjöstrand
General Manager, Volvo Construction Equipment
Ricard Robbstål Vd, Länsförsäkringar Göteborg & Bohuslän
“YesP is a very close partner during our very successful strategic journey. For several years, they have challenged, supported and coached us for better performance and developed corporate culture.
They are not just a regular supplier but it is a ‘true partnership’. ”
Ricard Robbstål
CEO, Länsförsäkringar Göteborg & Bohuslän
“I've been to many different leadership trainings before but this one is different. Thanks to the close connection to our business, we have already seen effects just after two training days, for example, how we work with improvements. We have strengthened our positive feedback culture, where we are even better at giving each other encouragement and support for change and development. In short, we already have purposeful and committed workmates, and we have still become even better!”
Per Wahlroos
Sales, Corporate Automotive, Lindströms Bil
PeO Hillman som
"YesP offers us a enjoyable environment where we can grow and develop together."
PeO Hillman
Matix, University of Gothenburg