Our core values

Say Yes!

There is a creative and liberating power in the word Yes. Where No shuts out and rejects, Yes opens up for an interpretation of different perspectives. By saying, Yes instead of “Yes but” dialogue and interaction is created rather than debate and bickering.

For us, Say Yes! does not mean we should all be compliant “yes-sayers”. It is rather about taking a stand. If to say yes to opportunities, Yes to growth, Yes to succeed and even daring to fail. In Yes entrepreneurship and innovation is possible. In No dwells stagnation and cowardice. We say Yes to individual drive and Yes to performance!


Trust People!

For people to grow and take responsibility, a very important component is needed. Trust. Without it, it’s difficult for positive effects that creates high-performance organizations to occur.But trust is not for certain. It requires us to affirm diversity and explore the potential of all. That we are genuinely curious about how everyone can contribute.

That we listen, recognize and acknowledge each other. That we dare to be open with others, not only with our fears and shortcomings but also with our expectations and hopes, for ourselves and for others. “Trust People!” means that we trust other people’s ability, willingness and desire to feel great at performing!


Enjoy Performance!

You can perform simply to please someone else. But it is not sustainable in the long run. Therefore, we work with the performance concept in its most positive form, based on the individual’s own desire and willingness to succeed.

Our motto, “Enjoy Performance!”, refers to the energy released when people go from being spectators to active players, in an environment where joy and performance unit to achieve long-term results.

En illustrerad Yesp managementkonsult som har vänster handen i fickan och som visar en riktning med höger armen.