Our key partnerships are with our clients. Furthermore, we have over the years made it a priority to develop close and rewarding collaborations with other skilled organizations and people in our industry. From international professionals to local consultants, they provide expertise and skills when needed. Below are some of our key collaborators we work with to assist in the best possible way for our clients as we strive for our own continuous development.

ISPI (The International Society for Performance improvement) is an extensive international network where experts from global enterprises, institutions and industry professionals meet and support each other with openness and generosity regarding organizational development, people performance, change management and leadership. YesP has been an active member for 15 years and has hosted two international conferences.


Denison. We have strategic partner in Denison Culture Assessment, providing our services of analyzing and developing organizational culture with a competitive edge.


Barret Values Centre, has more than 30 years of experience in identifying and creating strategic value for organizations and has remained our collaborator for the last decade, CTT (Culture Transformation Tool) and Barret Values Centre.


Harrison Assessments. YesP is a strategic partner of Dan Harrison who founded Harrison Assessments over 25 years ago. We continuously work with and are active in the development of Harrison Assessments, which is an extensive tool based on Enjoyment Performance for recruitment as well as leadership and employee development.


Svenska Imago Institute, Eva Berlander. Eva Berlander is one of Sweden’s leading experts in Interpersonal Neurobiology with profound experience as an educator, lecturer, author and has a popular podcast, Eva’s relationship podcast, based on her long clinical experience. She has trained all our management consultants and regularly supervise and support us.


Handelshögskolan, Gothenburg University. We are excited to work with the universities’ Master students at the MATIX program (management and business) to help them further develop and strengthen their professional and entrepreneurial skill set.


The Human Element. Our senior consultant Jonas Wirén is one of Europe’s leading and most sought after coach and educator of The Human Element concept for personal development.


Körberg & Co, Pelle Körberg, Brand Performance and design. Harmonizing the inside and outside is a crucial success factor. In close collaboration with Pelle, our brand is strengthened and “employer branding” a key component in our development.


IUS Innovation supports our digitalization and gaming transition providing our innovations with user friendly and modernized platforms.


C2U.  C2U provides expertise within Lean and TPM creating a strong collaboration supporting and balancing culture change management with processes and structures.


Human Synergistics. With a wide range of tools for human development and better performance, Human Synergistics delivers international tools and processes.