Cecilia Alwin

Senior Management Consultant

E-mail: cecilia.alwin@yesp.se

Tel: +46 705 10 27 77

Cecilia Alwin has been active in sales and marketing, mainly in the media, for the past 20 years. She has previously worked in private, municipal and publicly listed companies at various positions, both with and without personnel responsibility and has been a member of management teams and other decision-making bodies.

She has extensive experience of change work in organizations and is also a committed lecturer and educator, who is passionate about people and our differences and how it affects our communication. We send and receive “on different frequencies”, which affects how my message lands. “If I send on Radio1 and you listen to Radio3, then it doesn’t matter how high I turn up the volume …”.

Joy and energy characterize Cecilia who uses warmth and humor in working with meeting the needs of organizations to better equip them for the future. Areas such as communication, leadership, personality types, reactive / proactive patterns, teams, conflicts and decisions strongly affect an organization’s performance and are areas where Cecilia has deepened her knowledge. With joy she shares new insights, Aha-moments and tools that you can apply directly.

She has an education in economics, is a certified ICF coach and an internationally trained Enneagram trainer, from The Enneagram Institute, N Y. 2016 she became a “Fellow” to the Global Leadership Foundation.

Cecilia Alwin, Senior managementkonsult på YesP