About YesP

At YesP we know that there is a strong connection between the culture of an organisation and its performance. Because the organisations that achieve their goals, from large administrations and groups to smaller companies, usually have one thing in common. A culture that creates the conditions for employees at all levels to develop, take responsibility and want to perform together.


Our mission

As consultants with a clear focus on development, we see it as our most important task to help our clients get there. The goal of our efforts is always to implement and create lasting change that makes a difference in reality and not just on paper.

Our assignments often involve supporting the development of the strategy, measuring and analysing performance and then helping the entire organisation, a department, a leader, a team or a number of key players to create the desire, interaction and drive to achieve business and operational objectives.

Our way of working is based on international science, process knowledge, modern pedagogy and several decades of experience in change management in small and large organisations in business and public administration. For the organisation, it provides better results, competitiveness and attractiveness. For employees, this is reflected in increased job satisfaction, higher motivation and greater personal responsibility.

In other words, having fun at work is not a right. It is a success factor.

Welcome to YesP!

Our motto "Enjoy Performance!" refers to the energy that is released when people move from being spectators to active players, in an environment where joy and performance are combined to achieve long-term results.

Our history and idea

Already in the early 1980s, we developed a unique approach to personal change and cultural development within the Volvo Group, the Life Line. A world-leading pioneering programme. After a few years, over 13,000 employees at all hierarchical levels had voluntarily gone through a personal development programme linked to lifestyle choices, stress management, work motivation and personal goals. As many as 96% chose to participate and the personal changes the participants made were striking.

Experience was transformed into science. At YesP we had found a successful recipe for people to make active choices and take personal responsibility for their life and work situation. The success ingredients were desire, personal goals, positive peer pressure at departmental and company level, and follow-up and attractive support along the way.

Freedom, love and meaning

The lessons we learnt as leaders of the Volvo Group's initiative were then passed on to other companies. First up was the INSEAD management school outside Paris. We soon saw a direct link between personal and business needs - when those needs harmonised or created distance and friction. As a result, we quickly became more focused in our work on values, corporate culture, leadership and teamwork.


With good success, assignments followed for IKEA, Manpower, Levi's, PEAB, NCC, SEB, ICA, Luftfartsverket, KF, Rasta, SJ, Autoliv and Volvo. In these projects, we also experienced an enormous need for increased joint commitment, less exclusion, greater opportunities for influence and a gap between individual and organisational needs - a gap that creates discomfort, meaninglessness and disappointment from all sides. So we discovered the need for more meaning, more freedom and more love.

At a time when the development needs of organisations resulted in the purchase of kick-offs, inspirational lectures, leadership academies and team building activities, we were deeply concerned by the lack of sustainability and impact. We also saw the gap between manager and employee creating inertia and trust issues. Research showed only 10% ROI (Return On Investment) on classic leadership development.

How YesP was founded

The year was 2001. Based on our experience, we decided to get really good at "Performance". Given everything we had learnt about people and personal change, we saw the link to "People Performance" as obvious.

In December 2001 we started YesP with "People Performance" and a passion for human performance as a starting point. A mix of interdisciplinary competences, most of them with their own CEO experience and all with deep knowledge of performance and change, gave us an energetic and successful start. The "Let people perform" message spread around the world through Nokia, IKEA, Elanders, Volvo and Autoliv. For example, the performance of Volvo AB increased in 14 countries, and Autoliv made great strides in its corporate culture. Our Beijing office pioneered Scandinavian leadership and culture in 2004.

Our story continues to evolve at a steady pace. The focus is on the value of doing really good things together. It's about finding a common direction and creating value through personal choice, personal responsibility and collective power to promote both performance and well-being in the workplace, both locally and globally.

Lisa and Hans-Peter Arnborg, founder of YesP

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