About YesP

At YesP we know that there is a strong connection between the culture of an organisation and its performance. Because the organisations that achieve their goals, from large administrations and groups to smaller companies, usually have one thing in common. A culture that creates the conditions for employees at all levels to develop, take responsibility and want to perform together.


As consultants with a clear focus on development, we see it as our most important task to help our clients get there. The goal of our efforts is always to implement and create lasting change that makes a difference in reality and not just on paper.

Our assignments often involve supporting the development of the strategy, measuring and analysing performance and then helping the entire organisation, a department, a leader, a team or a number of key players to create the desire, interaction and drive to achieve business and operational objectives.

Our way of working is based on international science, process knowledge, modern pedagogy and several decades of experience in change management in small and large organisations in business and public administration. For the organisation, it provides better results, competitiveness and attractiveness. For employees, this is reflected in increased job satisfaction, higher motivation and greater personal responsibility.

In other words, having fun at work is not a right. It is a success factor.

Welcome to YesP!