Our principles and core values

The backbone of our identity, methods and ways of working.
As every organisation is unique, we adapt our approach to each assignment.
However, we always work according to our basic principles and core values.

Our principles

The human determines

We humans like to perform and do good things and we have an inner drive to want to develop. This inherent desire and will is influenced by the environment around us, more than we realise. For example, showing appreciation, rejoicing with others and celebrating successes provides both increased vigour and energy that is contagious.If we take advantage of this, we get a corporate culture that is characterised by job satisfaction and strong performance. It is also important to create meaningful goals, shared ambitions and values, the ability to adapt to the outside world and new needs, trusting relationships, the ability to influence, security and a sense of belonging. Success is created when all people, in a strong 'we' spirit, take responsibility for building the culture needed now and in the future.


Focus on impact

Together with the customer, we clarify the results and effects to be achieved. This involves impacts from the perspective of all stakeholders: customers, society, employees and owners.The link to the organisation's higher purpose and the value that its services and products create for society is crucial. In interaction with the customer, everything in the process should contribute and be linked to achieving the expected results. Progress is continuously measured and monitored against the plan.


Systemic Approach

We see the organisation as an ecosystem where change in one area will affect other areas. Everything happens in context and everything is connected. Culture, structure, relationships, performance, results, plans, emotions, etc. are all equally important. With a systemic view, the unilateral focus is shifted from the individual to relationships and connections.A systemic approach also means that we take advantage of the experience gained, reflect on it and create new approaches based on the new needs of the changing reality. All in an ongoing development process.



We are keen to have a close partnership throughout the journey and for the CEO/Management to show clear ownership of the development process. Trust and mutual confidence at all levels and with different stakeholders is important to us. We see each assignment as a flexible and sustainable learning process where our respective competences and resources strengthen each other to achieve valuable results and changes.The partnership is anchored and followed up through clear structures such as steering groups and reference groups with continuous, open dialogue for prioritisation, planning, evaluation and learning.


Our core values

Say Yes!

There is a creative and redemptive power in the little word yes. Where a no locks in and rejects, a yes instead opens up multiple perspectives. Saying "Yes, and" instead of "Yes, but" creates dialogue and interaction instead of debate and power struggle.

For us, "Say Yes!" is not about being mealy-mouthed yes-men. Rather, it is about taking a stand. To open the door to opportunities and growth, to succeed and dare to fail along the way. Entrepreneurship and renewal live in "Yes". Stagnation and cowardice can only be found in a "No." That's why we say "Yes" to human drive and "Yes" to performance!


Trust People!

For people to grow and take responsibility, a very important element is needed. Trust. Without it, the positive spirals that create high-performing organisations do not occur, but trust is not a given. It requires us to embrace differences and explore the potential of everyone. That we are genuinely curious about what each individual can contribute.

That we listen, see and acknowledge each other. That we dare to be open with each other, not only with our fears and shortcomings but also with our expectations and hopes, for ourselves and for others. "Trust People!" means that we trust that other people can, will and feel good about performing!


Enjoy Performance!

You can perform to appease someone else. But this is not sustainable in the long run. This is why we favour the concept of performance in its good form, where it is based on the individual's own desire and will to succeed.

Our motto "Enjoy Performance!" refers to the energy that is released when people move from being spectators to active players, in an environment where joy and performance are combined to achieve long-term results.