Leadership development - developing leadership for results

Strengthen your ability to lead and inspire

Leadership is about relationships, communication and being able to translate strategies and goals into action.

For todays leaders, it is not enough to have deep knowledge of the organisation. Leaders also need access to methods that create the conditions to succeed in their mission. Leadership development gives you the right tools.
YesP have long experience of developing leadership with very good results. We coach and train in strategic and operational leadership, for both new and experienced managers.


Having a strategy, a goal or some values is easy. Putting them into practice is something else entirely. The goal of YesP's leadership development is to enable those who lead and develop an organisation or project to create trust, confidence and warm relationships to achieve goals and results.

Leading organisations is about regularly facing challenges - as they change, so does your toolkit. Together, we can develop your leadership so that you are ready for the challenges of today and tomorrow. Take the opportunity to grow as a leader and let your organisation do the same!


Different aspects of leadership

  • Delivering results - Meeting or exceeding short and long term objectives from multiple perspectives: customers, employees, owners.
  • Developing operations - Continuous improvement of processes, working methods and tools contributes to the development of the entire organisation and increases its competitiveness and attractiveness.
  • Making people grow - The right person in the right place! Expertise and learning lead to responsibility, commitment, courage and interaction.


Four success factors in leadership development

  • People - Communicate and understand others. Build trust and warm relationships.
  • Culture - Analyse and understand culture and its impact, and how to take responsibility for the development of culture.
  • Performance - Create the conditions for enjoyable and sustainable performance, to achieve goals together.
  • Change - Learn how to navigate through an era of constant change.


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