Creating effective teams

Team development to boost creativity and performance

Close-knit groups where all members dare and are allowed to show the best of themselves.

Effective teams are more than just the people in them. Members may be great at what they do, but that may not be enough to make them work well together. The key word here is co-leadership - everyone taking the initiative, coming up with ideas and solving problems. And the results are usually clear:

  • More motivation
  • More profitability
  • More job satisfaction
  • Better performance

We will help you develop your team so that all members can fulfil their potential and perform at their best - and do it together.


Strengths-based team development

In order to perform at their best, team members need to find their own motivations and drives - and then they can recognise each other's as well. However, the fact that everyone is aware of their strengths and roles does not mean that they should be pigeonholed. On the contrary, it is often the very thing that makes people dare to think in new and creative ways; it provides a place from which to develop.

How YesP creates effective teams

Our team development is based on science and practical experience from the many companies and organisations we have worked with over the years. A team that works in the right way performs better with tangible and measurable results. Some of the things that characterise effective teams, and which the training addresses, are:

  • Agreement on the team's mission with goals that trigger the team and that they deliver on.
  • To trust, like and support each other in ways that are noticeable.
  • Values, rules and a common strategy to guide the team towards the goal.
  • An appreciative, active and open communication within the team and externally.
  • The importance of laughing, having fun and celebrating success.


We have worked with team development in very different contexts - always with measurable success. Tell us more about yourself and your challenges and let's see what we can achieve together.