Cecilia Alwin

Senior management consultant

Cecilia Alwin is a dedicated workshop organiser, lecturer and trainer, passionate about people and our differences and how they affect our communication and performance.

Cecilia Alwin has been active in sales and marketing - mainly in the media - for the past 20 years. She has worked in private, municipal and listed companies in various positions, both with and without personnel responsibility, and has been part of management teams and other decision-making bodies.

In 2016, she became a Fellow of the Global Leadership Foundation.

Cecilia has always been interested in people's differences and why we transmit and receive 'on different frequencies' and the consequences of this. "How come others don't understand what I mean when I am so clear?". "If I'm broadcasting on P1 and you're listening to P3, it doesn't matter how high I turn up the volume...".
She is an economist, a certified ICF coach and an internationally trained Enneagram trainer, from The Enneagram Institute, NY.

Cecilia has a lot of energy and likes to use humour to illustrate our differences. She trains and lectures on communication, leadership, personality types, reactive/proactive patterns, teams, conflicts and decisions. With joy she shares new insights, aha experiences and tools that you can apply immediately.