Hans-Peter Arnborg

CEO, senior management consultant, founder & partner

As CEO and owner, Hans-Peter has run a consulting company since 1990. In his role as consultant and executive advisor, Hans-Peter is responsible for extensive assignments concerning strategic organisational development in multinational as well as local organisations. Everything from radical and sometimes dramatic changes to management team development, executive coaching and leadership programmes. He is an established and appreciated facilitator, coach, counsellor and lecturer who, with passion and communication, contributes to creating development and better performance. Hans-Peter is passionate about organisational culture and performance and has many good examples where, in close dialogue with customers, he has directed the work to real effects with great value.

Hans-Peter listens, challenges, solves puzzles and provides the energy for development and renewal. A security that creates impact for both organisations and individuals.

With a pedagogical degree as a basis, he has deepened his knowledge over the years through several specialised courses and lots of personal experience.