Juan Pablo Ortiz

Senior management consultant & partner

Since joining YesP, Juan Pablo has been responsible for implementing performance improvement and change programmes with several clients in Europe, Asia, North and South America. Juan Pablo is a highly valued partner in helping organisations, groups and individuals achieve measurable and meaningful results. Juan Pablo combines theoretical and empirical knowledge, with great expertise in practicing, speaking and facilitating. For 15 years, he has coached and guided dozens of management teams around the world to be united in a strong sense of purpose and to lead their organisations towards greater commitment and better results.

Juan Pablo is passionate about helping people grow and discover why, how and what they can do to experience personal satisfaction in their work while achieving meaningful results in collaboration with others. For groups and organisations, this means improved performance, stronger collaborations and healthier workplaces. For individuals, it is an opportunity to recognise and unlock their own potential, build good relationships with people around them, and make an honest and valuable impact at work.

Previously, Juan Pablo has worked as a CEO and in other senior positions in the IT industry, and has also worked for the UN in several countries. He was originally trained in journalism and communication. Juan Pablo has lived and worked in Mexico, Colombia, Sweden, USA and China.