Katarina Borgvall

Senior management consultant

Katarina has worked as a leader in retail for 20 years as responsible for leaders and stores with major change and transformation projects in a strongly changing market. She has a particular interest in and experience of "people and business" - creating organisations where the gap between management and employees is reduced. All to unleash the power of the entire organisation that opens up for development and change with an effect on both top and bottom line.

Katarina comes most recently from Åhléns where she worked as regional manager and was responsible for the development work to improve the customer experience, become more data-driven and strengthen leadership - in short, she has developed the physical stores to be able to meet the future in the best possible way. Katarina has also worked at the consulting company @HROnDemand with development and change work as Chief Culture Officer.

For 11 years, Katarina worked at IKEA in various roles where everything was about developing culture and performance. Among other things, she was the store manager of IKEA Japan Kohoku Store, where she managed to turn the business performance from loss to profit and where IKEA Food Kohoku became the best in the world within one year. It's called consistent leadership and insights into different cultures and how you need to adapt to succeed.

In addition to the hands-on competence, Katarina has an impressive education; training as an Officer in the Navy, several leadership courses, training in corporate culture, individual and team development and is a certified change manager and professional NLP coach.

Katarina is an energetic person who often laughs and finds ways to develop and change even if it initially seems impossible. With her 20 years as a leader in various roles, she has a fantastic experience in developing the corporate culture in a market in strong change to strengthen the performance and business drive.