Lisa Arnborg

Deputy CEO, senior management consultant, founder & partner

Lisa co-founded YesP in 2002. She has worked as a management consultant with culture and change processes for more than 25 years in national and international organisations. Through her broad understanding of what drives organisational change and performance, Lisa has over the years a number of successful projects, teams and individuals behind her.

She is a sought-after consultant and has been responsible for change programmes in various organisations in Europe, Asia and North and South America and has extensive experience in cultural analysis, change programme design, management team development and leadership training. She is also a highly appreciated individual coach. Lisa has experience from automotive, solar energy, consumer products, the restaurant industry, the property industry and the public sector.

With a mix of energy bomb, kind eyes and wisdom, Lisa empowers employees and leaders to create sustainable work life development and results at the highest level.
The educational background is in the field of behaviour and in Strategic Brand Management.