Nina Wittholt

Senior management consultant

During her more than 25-year career, Nina has acquired a broad and deep experience of leading strategic and operational change as a manager, leader and consultant. The various positions she has held have been in both national and international organisations with focuses as diverse as consulting services, fintech, production logistics and machine manufacturing. Her experience ranges from start-ups to listed companies, family-owned businesses, P/E companies and global groups. In her roles as a lawyer, legal consultant and general counsel, she has also helped companies in virtually all industries with strategic business law, which together has given her far-reaching industry insights.


Nina's great passion has always been to bring out the best in and develop organisations, teams and people. By applying a systemic approach and combining a structural focus with a cultural focus, she helps organisations create a successful performance culture characterised by job satisfaction and collaboration. What makes Nina a highly appreciated manager and performance consultant is, among other things, her curiosity, ability to understand and respond to people and organisations and their needs and to connect how the different parts of the organisation fit into the whole.


In 1997, Nina obtained a master's degree in law and has worked as a lawyer, business lawyer and general counsel for many years. This background has equipped Nina with an ability to quickly understand complex issues and to translate them into relevant conclusions through analysis and stakeholder dialogue. Over the last fifteen years, Nina has further immersed herself in organisational performance development, strategic change management and coaching, both academically and empirically.