Nisse Schönnings

Senior management consultant

Nisse Schönnings has worked in the public sector for the past 20 years. He has been responsible for several major organisational changes and development of operations and services. Nisse has a broad experience of business management and organisational development from his previous assignments.

With a systemic perspective - the whole is greater than the parts - success is created to lift people's strength and talent and bring about change and job satisfaction. Nisse is passionate about creating clear, good results in all his work.

According to Nisse, it is about having an approach that values, identifies and confirms the strengths and resources of the individual, the group and the organisation. Of course, it is also important to recognise what is already working. Instead of focusing too much on problems and obstacles, we should strengthen trust and power of action to create drive and endurance in the change process.

Nisse has previously also worked with strategic issues and projects linked to digitalisation and IT in the public sector. The focus has always been to create benefits and more time for the core business by using digitalisation and IT in the right way in the right situation.

Nisse has a degree in social work from University of Gothenburg and a MBA in Systemic Leadership and Organisational Development from Nyenrode University in the Netherlands.