Hybrid co-leadership

In the post-corona era, there is a lot of talk about the hybrid workplace. How to manage new expectations from employees to be able to work more from home and work remotely. In this transition, there are as many challenges as opportunities. Building team spirit and corporate culture in the office needs to be balanced with the benefits of not travelling to work and having the opportunity to balance work and leisure.

Everyone's responsibility

There is a lot of talk about the type of leadership required to facilitate the hybrid workplace. We believe that we also need to start discussing hybrid employeeship. We all have a responsibility for our workplace and our work environment. So it is not only the manager's task to solve the issue. As employees, each of us needs to take responsibility for talking to each other and agreeing on a few key issues before we can decide whether our job is best done in the office or remotely.

  • What culture do we want in our group? What is important to us? What do we need to do?
  • How do we talk about and understand the overall strategy of our mission, work?
  • How do we know we are delivering? What is required for me to deliver?

Output co-operativeness

As an employee, I am expected to deliver a result - either as an individual or as part of a group. Part of the conversation that the group needs to have must be about reaching consensus on the expected result and the conditions for achieving it. What culture do we need to be able to deliver?

In addition to delivering a result, there are probably also requests for me to use my skills to contribute to the development of the organisation. To be an active part (based on individual circumstances) in working on improvement and development.

Last but not least, as a colleague, I am part of the collective responsibility for the well-being of my team. What is my contribution to the development and well-being of my colleagues?

Basically, we believe that increased flexibility is good for both employees and companies/organisations, but - we also believe that you need to actively work to create a climate where you actually want to be in the office and meet your colleagues.

In the current transformation of the workplace, everyone needs to be involved - it is not just a matter for the manager to decide. Everyone must take responsibility for making our new way of working better than it was before.

People management for best performance

Sometimes it is good to have simple tools to help with the "difficult" discussion. Our experience is that all organisations need to find a balance between Relationship and Results.
An overemphasis on either creates an imbalance and does not provide the conditions for the best performance. And performance needs to be central to the dialogue on how to manage hybrid work. How should we work to perform in the best possible way - for us as a team and for the company we work for?

Please use our self-assessment tools to give you an idea of the situation in your country.