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Long-term work gave Hallandstrafiken a more efficient organisation and a stronger sense of togetherness.

Together with YesP, Hallandstrafiken has taken its operations to the next level. "Their expertise in organisational culture and how YesP links it to our business makes them uniquely good. They are responsive to our needs and ensure that we take responsibility," says Susanne Isacson, HR Manager at Hallandstrafiken.

Hallandstrafiken CEO Andreas Almquist saw great potential for better leadership and performance culture in the company. Problems with completing projects, lack of trust and internal cooperation difficulties made it challenging to live up to the vision "The world's best public transport - for the people of Halland". Hallandstrafiken wanted support in successfully implementing the extensive changes in 2020.

How did YesP's mission work?

YesP's consultants first carried out a Denison cultural analysis of the whole organisation. Several areas were identified where the culture needed to be strengthened. We proposed a long-term and sustained effort where we set clear objectives, introduced follow-up and management by objectives, and ensured job satisfaction in the management team. The focus was on resolving fear of conflict, working more together and establishing goal management and goal decomposition.

Hallandstrafiken's managers have also received individual coaching, and the management team has worked with:

  • Common leadership criteria
  • Objectives, target setting and monitoring
  • Strategy and priorities
  • Customer focus
  • Change management
  • Delegation
  • Conflict management
  • The importance of appreciation and security

"YesP is uniquely sharp in method and expertise while being warm and human. They are passionate about us and about bringing about change and a better culture. It is real and honest."

Andreas Almquist
CEO of Hallandstrafiken

This is Hallandstrafiken

Hallandstrafiken organises almost 50 000 journeys in Halland every day. The transport companies with which they have agreements drive more than two million kilometres every year under their auspices. This includes bus services, Öresund trains, Pågat trains, Väst trains and Krösa trains.

At the office in Falkenberg, employees work on the planning and development of bus and train services and service journeys, environmental work, IT solutions, information and communication for public transport in Halland. Hallandstrafiken is also the booking centre for the county's hospital trips and transport services in the municipalities of Laholm, Halmstad, Falkenberg, Varberg and Hylte.


The assignment started in January 2020 and was summarised in June 2022. YesP is still an active partner in the work with culture at Hallandstrafiken.