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Volvo CE

Volvo CE achieved a better performance culture throughout the organisation

Volvo Construction Equipment turned to YesP for help in creating a better performing management team. This resulted in a noticeable performance improvement for the entire company. "The culture and feeling in the management team has been contagious with better trust, dialogue and collaboration throughout the organisation. We would never have reached this level without YesP," says Per Salomon of Volvo's HR department.

In 2018, YesP was approached by Vice President Jean-Marc des Courieres who saw development opportunities in his management team. At YesP, we customised our knowledge in high performance management teams to Volvo CE's specific needs and situation - with very positive results. YesP also coached the management on how to deal with key issues and structure meetings to create better performance, stronger cohesion and increased engagement.

The management team consisted of 15 people from different countries.

The management team consisted of 15 people with six plant managers, eight specialist functions (e.g. Finance, Engineering, HR, Communication, Sustainability) and the overall Head of Operations. All were based in Sweden, Germany, Belgium, England and South Korea. The management team was responsible for a total of around 6000 employees in the company.

How did YesP carry out the organisational development?

Our mission was to create a high-performing management team that could lead the business towards higher profitability and respond more quickly to market changes. The assignment had three main parts:

  • analysing the current situation
  • design of concepts and programmes
  • development of the management team.

We conducted surveys, workshops, management team meetings and individual coaching. The objectives were to improve co-operation, commitment to common goals, conflict management and to create a stronger team spirit.

"Thank you YesP for the fantastic help we received in 2018 to create a high performing team. Both the team and the approach have proven to be incredibly resilient during the Covid pandemic and have performed very well, allowing Volvo CE to continue to deliver at a high level. I have a feeling that our lessons learnt will last for many years to come. Our collaboration has been incredibly valuable and I want to thank you again for that."

Jean-Marc des Courieres
Vice President at Industry Strategy & Systems, Volvo Construction Equipment

Positive outcome - increase in trust, dialogue and cooperation

The effects of the improved collaboration within the management team extended beyond the team and had a strong positive impact on the organisation as a whole. The management team reported a marked increase in trust, better dialogue and collaboration, more effective meetings and a stronger connection to the organisation's mission and strategy. YesP's measurements also showed that the organisation's trust in management and leadership was strengthened.


Per Salomon, SVP at Volvo Human Resources - what has been YesP's most important contribution?

So much has happened. Most importantly, we have built up a great deal of trust in the group and have reached completely different levels of cooperation and dialogue. With great social security in relationships, we dare to challenge and give feedback. We listen to each other much more and are more inclusive than before.

YesP has contributed a lot both structurally, culturally and changed our mindset. Your great expertise in high performance management teams and the ability to adapt to our needs has been truly professional. The way you have worked with us to build trust, openness and interaction has been very good. In addition, you have contributed to how we structure meetings and how we approach our key issues to create consensus and commitment. We would never have reached this level without YesP," says Per Salomon.