About YesP

YesP was founded in 2001 but our story began much earlier.

About YesP

At YesP we know there is significant correlation between an organization’s culture and its performance. Organizations that continuously reach desired objectives and results, from large administrations and corporations to smaller companies, usually have one thing in common; A culture that enables employees at all levels to develop, commit and perform.

As consultants, we have a strong emphasis on development and we consider it our greatest task to help our clients get there. The aim of all our input is to create and deliver sustainable change , that will have a tangible impact.

Usually our missions involve supporting the establishing of strategy, assess and analyze performance index to help the entire organization or a department, a manager or a few key executives create job-satisfaction, interaction and resolve to reach their business targets and objectives.ån för att sedan hjälpa hela organisationen, en avdelning, ledare, ett team eller ett antal nyckelspelare att skapa lust, samspel och handlingskraft för att nå affärs- och verksamhetsmålen.

Vårt sätt att jobba bygger på internationell vetenskap, processkunskap, modern pedagogik och flera decenniers erfarenhet av förändringsarbete i små och stora organisationer inom näringsliv och offentlig förvaltning. För verksamheten ger det bättre resultat, konkurrenskraft och attraktivitet. För medarbetarna märks det genom ökad arbetsglädje, högre motivation och ett större personligt ansvar.

Med andra ord är det ingen rättighet att ha kul på jobbet. Det är en framgångsfaktor.

Välkommen till YesP!

Our Core Values

Say Yes!

There is a creative and liberating power in the word Yes. Where No shuts out and rejects, Yes opens up for an interpretation of different perspectives. By saying, Yes instead of “Yes but” dialogue and interaction is created rather than debate and bickering.

For us, Say Yes! does not mean we should all be compliant “yes-sayers”. It is rather about taking a stand. If to say yes to opportunities, Yes to growth, Yes to succeed and even daring to fail. In Yes entrepreneurship and innovation is possible. In No dwells stagnation and cowardice. We say Yes to individual drive and Yes to performance!

Trust People!

For people to grow and take responsibility, a very important component is needed. Trust. Without it, it’s difficult for positive effects that creates high-performance organizations to occur.But trust is not for certain. It requires us to affirm diversity and explore the potential of all. That we are genuinely curious about how everyone can contribute.

That we listen, recognize and acknowledge each other. That we dare to be open with others, not only with our fears and shortcomings but also with our expectations and hopes, for ourselves and for others. “Trust People!” means that we trust other people’s ability, willingness and desire to feel great at performing!

Enjoy Performance!

You can perform simply to please someone else. But it is not sustainable in the long run. Therefore, we work with the performance concept in its most positive form, based on the individual’s own desire and willingness to succeed.

Our motto, “Enjoy Performance!”, refers to the energy released when people go from being spectators to active players, in an environment where joy and performance unit to achieve long-term results.

Our story

Livslinjen (Lifeline)

Back in the early 80s, we developed a unique approach to personal change and cultural development within the Volvo Group, called Livslinjen (Lifeline). It was a pioneering development programme linking lifestyle choices, stress management, job motivation and personal goals. A staggering 96% of all employees chose to get involved and over the years more than 13,000 people at all levels had a participated. And the impact achieved was striking.

Our experience turned to knowledge. We had uncovered a successful formula that would help and motivate people to take personal responsibility for their life and work situation. The parts for success were lust, encouragement, goals, close follow-up and support all along the way.

Freedom, love and meaning

Vår lärdom som ansvariga för Volvokoncernens satsning exporterades i egen regi vidare till andra företag med samma framgång. Managementskolan INSEAD utanför Paris var först ut. Vi såg snart ett direkt samband mellan personliga och företagsmässiga behov. När behoven harmonierade eller när de skapade avstånd och friktion. Det gjorde att vi mer och mer koncentrerade vårt arbete på värderingar, företagskultur, ledar- och medarbetarskap. Uppdrag inom IKEA, Manpower, Levi’s, PEAB, NCC, SEB, ICA, Luftfartsverket, KF, Rasta, SJ, Autoliv, Volvo mfl följde med god framgång. Vi upplevde också gigantiska behov av ökat gemensamt engagemang, mindre utanförskap, större påverkansmöjligheter och gap mellan individuella och verksamhetsmässiga behov. Ett gap som både skapar olust, meningslöshet och besvikelser från alla håll. Behovet av ökad mening, stärkt frihet och mer kärlek behövde mötas.

I en tid där organisationernas utvecklingsbehov resulterade i inköp av kick-offer, inspirationsföresläsningar, ledarskapsakademier och team building blev vi förskräckta av bristen på långsiktighet och effekt. Vi såg också gapet mellan chef och medarbetare som skapade tröghet och tillitsproblematik. Forskning visade endast 10% ROI på klassisk ledarutveckling.

Better Performance

We decided to become really good at “Performance”. Our experience of working with people and personal change told us that the connection to “People Performance” was evident.

With that as our focal point and a passion for human performance we founded YesP in December of 2001. A mix of inter-disciplinary skills, most of which with its own CEO experience and all with deep knowledge of performance and change gave us an energetic and successful start. Our message ”Let people perform” spread out into the world via Nokia, IKEA, Elanders, Volvo, Autoliv. For example, performance increased through assignments in 14 countries for AB Volvo, as well as a group level effort on developing corporate culture in Autoliv. Our office in Beijing was in 2004 groundbreaking with teachings of Scandinavian leadership and corporate culture.

Our story keeps on growing. With our focus on the importance of doing great things together, a common direction, doing something useful, self-responsibility and the collective of organisations. For greater performance and a better working life both locally and worldwide.

Lisa and Hans-Peter Arnborg, Founders of YesP

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