Do you want to continue developing as a manager?

Pnetwork is a leadership and CEO network.

The network is for CEOs and managers in all types of organisations, from private companies to the public sector in Gothenburg and Västra Götaland. Consultants from YesP facilitate with their broad experience from the development of companies and organisations.

As a leader, it can be difficult to find time for personal reflection and it is easy to get stuck in the same rut in your own organisation. Some issues are also not possible to raise in your own organisation. This is why Pnetwork exists: a CEO and manager network in western Sweden with the aim of developing your professional role and increasing energy and job satisfaction in everyday life.

Pnetwork meets regularly in groups of about 12 people with leaders and managers from different industries and organisations. As a member, you get access to a forum where you can discuss, reflect and learn from the questions and experiences of others.

After a personalised meeting, each member is matched to the right group to create dynamism, energy, new perspectives and respond to needs based on industry, company size, challenges and experience.

A well-prepared and anchored agenda is available for each meeting, with input from research and expertise, highlighting current issues and challenges. Along the way, we also assist with executive coaching and counselling. But above all, it is the interaction with the other group members that provides the greatest value.

Want to know more about Pnetwork?
Contact Michael Wickelgren, CEO Pnetwork

Advantages of Pnetwork:

  • Develop your professional role as a leader and get new tools to work with in your daily activities.
  • Exchange experiences with other leaders and managers for new perspectives and lessons learnt in the face of real and everyday performance challenges.
  • Pnetwork is responsible for a well-assembled group, an established agenda with relevant and interesting questions, executive coaching and dialogue management.