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The network is for CEOs and managers in all types of organizations, from private companies to public operations in Gothenburg and Västra Götaland County.

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As a leader, it can be difficult to get time over for your own reflection and it is easy to get stuck in the same wheel track of your own business. Some issues are also not even possible to address in your own organization. Therefore, there is Pnetwork. An executive network with the aim of developing the professional role of CEOs and managers while also increasing energy and job satisfaction in everyday life. Pnetwork regularly gatherers in groups of just over 12 people with leaders and managers from different industries and businesses. As a member, you gain access to a forum where you can talk, reflect and take part of other people’s questions and experiences.

Pnetwork works in a slightly different way than usual. It’s a match-making process and most members are recommended by someone already in the network. Group members complement each other through industry and experience. A well-prepared and anchored agenda exists for each meeting, with a record of research and expertise, which highlights current issues and challenges. Along the way, we also assist with executive coaching and meeting management. But above all, it is the interaction with the other group members that gives the greatest value.

Voices from the network

“If one were to compare Pnetwork with high-end leadership training, I would say that this is probably the best leadership training one can get.”.”

Voices from the network

“It is the networking part that is most significant, an amazing composition of dedicated people who share experiences with both laughter and seriousness.”

Voices from the network

“I gain new thoughts & reflections on exciting issues. We follow each other’s development.

Voices from the network

“Pnetwork is a serious player with an easy-going atmosphere and always a lot of warmth.”

Voices from the network

”Arbetet med prestation och ledarskap har varit värdefullt och gett mig många nya infallsvinklar.

Benefits of Pnetwork

  • Develops your professional role as a leader and provides new tools to use in your daily business.
  • Exchange experiences with other leaders and managers to gain new perspectives and lessons learned and new insights of everyday performance challenges.
  • YesP is responsible for a well-composed group, a relevant and interesting agenda, executive coaching and meeting management.

Become a member today

Take the next step as a leader and apply to take part in the leadership and management network Pnetwork today. Please contact Michael Wickelgren through the contact information below or fill in the form and he will contact you. Welcome to the club!

Michael Wickelgren, Vd och försäljningsansvarig – Pnetwork Vd- och chefsnätverk via YesP
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