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Do you experience in the management team or as a leader, that no matter how much you work, you do not really get it? Maybe you do not reach your goals, maybe you ruin some relationships, maybe you do not find consensus in the management team…?

To get the work in the management team and as a leader to thrive, we need to have a consensus on what we want achieve, relationships that work, a high level of trust in each other's ability and a willingness to do the job.

Management team development goals

  • Skill in meeting customers' needs and building the organization of the future with a focus on performance, results and corporate culture.
  • There must be a high level of responsibility for the entire company, a willingness to cooperate and an understanding of everyone's different roles.
  • A good team with joy of performance, warm relationships and the ability to make each other better.

The goal of leadership development

  • Skill in the ability to translate strategic work into everyday life.
  • To drive and lead cultural transfer and renewal for better performance.
  • Increase the leader's ability to create trust, trust and warm relationships.

How we achieve the goals

Management team developmentusually starts with personal interviews about how everyone sees the current situation and needs going forward. Then the development continues in joint workshops and individual coaching. We continuously evaluate and follow up the group's and operations' development and needs going forward.

Leadership development is carried out either individually or in groups, leadership forums, where we focus on relevant business issues, change work and on leadership that provides warm relationships and better performance. Our experience is that individual coaching as part of leadership training is a powerful tool.

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