Säkra ledningseffektivitet, lönsamhet, kundlojalitet och produktivitet.

Hiring the right person is the most important task for any organization

Det påverkar alla viktiga aspekter av organisationens framgång inklusive ledningseffektivitet, lönsamhet, kundlojalitet och produktivitet.

In order to reduce the risk of building in obstacles from the very beginning of an employment, it is absolutely crucial that we get the right person in the right place and at the right time. We give you tools to create completely different conditions for efficient recruitment processes. To both save up to 80% of the administration and to increase the opportunities to bring in people who have the best opportunities to succeed and become high-performing in the given role.

Verktyg för rekrytering

When we work with recruitment, we use the tool Harrison Talent Manager SystemYesP has a vast experience with the Harrison Assessment system. Besides being a unique recruitment tool, you can also use it to develop, manage and retain the person recruited. That is, the tool covers the entire process from recruitment, personnel development, staff engagement and succession planning.

It differs from general personality tests because it is strictly focused on work-related factors. The very basis for hiring, retaining and developing employees is to effectively assess both suitability and eligibility for the job.

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