Strategic work and real performance development

YesP has a wide range of services that include everything from business management and general business development to individual coaching of leaders and employees as well as team development and management group development. In most of our assignments, our services are tailored to the client's needs.

What our services have in common is that the customer always wants to move from one location to another, from the current location to the desired location. Our services facilitate that journey. To help us, we have a range of tools and analyses.

Some we have developed ourselves, such as our Performance Index, which measures the current state of the organisation's performance, overall or individually. Another analysis tool is the Acumen Leadership workstyles 360° for output-focused leadership. In addition, we are certified users of CTT (culture transformation tool), Denison Organizational Culture Survey for culture analyses and Harrisson Assessments for both recruitment and performance development.

We have extensive experience working with large organisations with high demands on quality and results. We have good knowledge of LEAN and tools related to continuous improvement. Above all, we know how to get change processes and strategies to be realised and live on in the workplace.