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Tailor-made courses and pre-packaged training programmes

An updated toolbox will take you far! At YesP we are experts in corporate training that creates development and performance - for both leaders and organisations. By integrating the latest knowledge in organisational development, you will realise your potential and stay ahead of the competition.


Want to go from good to great? Book an inspiring lecture that challenges and gives a long-awaited energy boost. With captivating commitment, our lecturers offer new insights and tools that enhance both the individual and the organisation.

YesP offers two different lecture themes:

  • Leading and driving culture and performance development
  • Trust-based leadership

Leadership training programmes

With our leadership courses, you can lay a solid foundation for a successful organisational culture. Take the opportunity to grow as a leader and let your organisation do the same! The courses are led by senior management consultants at YesP who have extensive experience in organisational development and leadership.

We offer the following training programmes:

  • Leading and driving performance and cultural development
  • Leading in change
  • Strategic leadership
  • New as manager
  • Coaching leadership
  • Trust-based leadership

E-learning - heart and mind for success at work

Discover our E-learning programmes on Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB) where you can study at your own pace remotely. Choose between two courses where you get scientifically based insights that create better relationships, more joy and higher profitability in your organisation. You study in modules on our online education platform and have direct contact with the course leaders when needed.

Welcome to an exciting journey!