Lectures on leadership

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Lectures for healthy employees and a successful company culture

Engage one of YesP's inspiring leadership speakers. Reverse the trend and swap lethargy for job satisfaction, and let us show you how to make people want to work. Our lectures focus on how to make leadership and organisational culture flourish throughout the organisation - with higher results and business value as a result. Take the first step and contact us today!


Do you want to leverage success and strengthen your organisation from the inside out? We've boiled down 20 years of strategic change processes and culture into a couple of hours of lectures on leadership. Book one of the following lectures to gain perspective and valuable insights:

Managing culture and performance development

In Leading Culture and Performance Development, you will learn how to understand and lead culture development, which is a key success factor in your organisation. We address key issues about culture and its impact on organisational performance and results. The lecture helps to make the topic of organisational culture concrete and understandable for everyone. After the session, you as a leader and employee will understand the impact of culture on your organisation and the results you achieve together. You will also realise that it is possible to change parts of the culture that do not benefit your business.

Trust-based leadership

The lecture on Trust-based Leadership introduces you to the basics of leadership that meets the current and future needs of our organisations. The lecture touches on how to make leadership flourish throughout the organisation, and how to make people want to take responsibility and contribute to better and wiser decisions. In a pedagogical and light-hearted way, we also tell you how to achieve a leadership that is able to adapt to rapid changes and high complexity. So that you build up a leadership based on trusting relationships - internally and externally.