Leadership training programmes

Never stop developing

At YesP you will find a variety of leadership programmes to suit different needs and levels. Whether you are looking to improve your strategic leadership, develop coaching skills or navigate as a new manager, there is a programme to suit you. Explore our portfolio and register your interest to take the next step in your leadership journey.

Strategic leadership

Leading and developing an organisation means constantly facing new obstacles and challenges. To deal with crises and problems, you need to develop strategic skills. Moreover, as a leader, you need to constantly train to renew yourself and update your toolbox. This is why this programme exists!

Coaching leadership

Are you striving to become a leader who inspires and drives success in your team? Then it's time to explore the benefits and opportunities of coaching leadership. With our help, you will develop feedback, communication and change management skills that make a difference and increase the productivity of your people in the long run.

New as manager

Are you a new manager at work? Perhaps you are an experienced leader and have lost the spark? At YesP we have what it takes to teach you how to create a culture of collaboration and performance in your organisation. Join us for training! We'll give you the strategies you need to inspire and motivate your employees to perform better and work harder.