Training in coaching leadership

Become a coaching leader

Are you striving to become a leader who inspires and drives success in your team? Then it's time to explore the benefits and opportunities of coaching leadership. With our help, you will develop feedback, communication and change management skills that make a difference and increase the productivity of your people in the long run.

How coaching leadership works

There are many benefits to applying coaching leadership in your leadership role - no matter what kind of leader you are. It is an approach based on helping others to recognise opportunities and achieve their goals.

Some of the main points of coaching leadership are:

  • Effective communication. A coaching leader needs to know how to communicate and listen actively for the dialogues in an organisation to have positive results. This may involve adapting communication in different forums or handling challenging conversations in the right way.
  • Responsibility and participation. A basic pillar of coaching leadership is a focus on participation and responsibility from as many employees as possible. As a leader, you need to ensure that everyone gets their voice heard and has the opportunity to take responsibility in different situations.
  • Change management. As a leader, you need to be able to manage any changes that occur in your organisation. At YesP we have the knowledge to understand and lead in the dynamics of change and the ability to respond to behaviour and attitudes in change.
  • Support, challenges and feedback. When applying coaching leadership in your management role, it is important to provide support and challenges to your employees to encourage effective problem solving. Also, don't forget to give feedback to motivate your colleagues and strengthen your working relationships at regular intervals.


We train you in coaching leadership

Coaching leadership training is most effective if you as a leader also receive individual coaching from a professional coach. During the programme, you will have 2-3 coaching sessions to develop your skills and strategies.

For example, the programme provides you with skills in

  • Active listening and questioning
  • Values, attitudes and conditions
  • Ability to understand and manage change
  • Feedback as part of our culture.

YesP is a strong team of management consultants who help companies to extract job satisfaction, motivation and a stronger corporate culture with better performance and results. We have all the skills needed to help organisations succeed with advice based on science, process knowledge and modern pedagogy.

Your consultant for coaching leadership

We are a management agency that specialises in helping companies develop their corporate culture to achieve better and sustainable performance. At YesP, we believe that success is achieved through collaboration and developing job satisfaction among all employees in an organisation. Get in touch if you want tips or are curious about training in coaching leadership.