Strategic leadership training

START 3-4 September 2024

Leading and developing an organisation means constantly facing new obstacles and challenges. To deal with crises and problems, you need to develop strategic skills. Moreover, as a leader, you need to constantly train to renew yourself and update your toolbox. This is why this programme exists!


Become a better leader with strategic leadership

Join us and other curious leaders from different industries on an innovative development journey. During the programme you will meet a number of experts and inspirers with relevant perspectives from around the world.

This content-rich programme is aimed at experienced managers in leadership positions with strategic responsibilities. Together with us, you will refine your leadership with a strategic focus on the future and establish a solid foundation for a thriving organisational culture in a complex environment.

The Strategic Leadership programme runs for 9 months with 2-day sessions every 6 weeks. The number of places on the programme is limited, so register immediately to secure your place.

What to expect?

In the programme, we will delve into key strategic skills that you will be able to apply directly to your business:

  • The ability to navigate the complexity of interaction with owners, board, customers as part of the strategic effort to create value for all stakeholders (combination of diplomacy and execution).
  • The ability to lead people and organisations with a deeper understanding of human drives based on the latest research in neuroscience.
  • The ability to clarify the why, how and what of the organisation and to prioritise what is most important.
  • The ability to create, maintain and develop the necessary psychological safety for sustainable performance and well-being in the organisation.
  • The ability to analyse how organisational structure, processes, systems and culture drive or hinder performance in the organisation, with a deep understanding of products/services, the market, and the industry.
  • The ability to make the culture of the organisation a success factor through strategic leadership.
  • The ability to build high performance leadership so that the management team becomes a credible role model for the organisation's vision and strategy.
  • The ability to be grounded in oneself to better manage one's own and others' challenges, build on personal strengths and establish trusting and constructive relationships.
  • The ability to bring in external perspectives and to challenge entrenched beliefs and ways of working.


Your participant profile

We expect participants to be

  • leaders with several years of experience
  • responsible for an activity
  • responsible for strategic work and strategic decisions
  • performance manager in an organisation
  • willing to your strategic leadership skills.


Your attitude as a participant

Before the programme, we hope that you

  • are curious to explore new perspectives.
  • are ready to be challenged and question 'truths'
  • have the will to navigate the unknown
  • are motivated to learn and contribute to others
  • have knowledge and experience in tactical and operational leadership in a business and organisational context.
  • is convinced that it is people who make the difference.
  • are already working in an organisation that wants corporate culture on the strategic agenda.


  • Date: 3-4 Sept. 2024 | 15-16 Oct. 2024 | 26-27 Nov. 2024 | 14-15 Jan. 2025 | 4-5 March 2025 | 8-9 April 2025
  • Application:
  • Price: 90,000 excluding VAT, board and lodging.


Do you have questions about enrolment?

Please get in touch if you have any questions or concerns about registration or want to know more about what the Strategic Leadership programme entails. You are very welcome to email us or call the contact person Cecilia Alwin.

Register for the programme today!

Our facilitators

During the Strategic Leadership programme, you will meet several of our experienced consultants. They have specialist expertise in the field and are there to teach, guide and advise you as a leader. Get started and get to know our trainers!

Cecilia Alwin

With extensive experience of strategic leadership and change management in various organisations, Cecilia is just as passionate about creating impact in businesses as she is about creating new insights in individuals. She is particularly appreciated for her strategic ability to listen, find patterns and create new ways forward towards new results and sustainable performance.

Cecilia has been active in sales, marketing and communication for the past 20 years. She has worked in private and listed companies in various positions, both with and without personnel responsibility. In 2016 she became a Fellow of the Global Leadership Foundation, a global network of experienced and pioneering colleagues in organisational culture and leadership. Basically, she is an economist and has several postgraduate qualifications.

Juan Pablo Ortiz

Juan Pablo has led many performance development and change management programmes in Sweden, Europe, Asia, North and South America. He is a valued partner in coaching organisations, management teams and individuals to achieve meaningful and measurable results.

Juan Pablo combines deep knowledge and long experience with great skills as a facilitator, coach and process and training leader in strategic leadership. In addition, he has been CEO and held other leadership roles in the IT industry. For many years, he has worked internationally on communication and aid projects for the United Nations Development Programme, also known as UNDP. His educational background is in communication and journalism.

Katarina Borgvall

Katarina has worked with strategic leadership for 20 years and has been responsible for running large development and transformation projects in a rapidly changing market. She has particular experience of "people and business" - creating organisational cultures where the gap between management and employees is reduced, all in order to unleash the power of the entire organisation that has an effect on business and operational results.

Katarina has insights and experience of different cultures and of "reorganising the troops" to succeed together. Basically, Katarina has a background as an officer which she has expanded with several leadership programmes. She is passionate about developing other leaders for sustainable success.

Your consultant for strategic leadership

YesP is an employee-owned consultancy specialising in corporate culture and performance development within companies and organisations. We have extensive experience in strategic leadership and always work in close partnership with the CEO and management team. We strongly believe that success comes from developing an organisational culture that is characterised by joy, cooperation and action.

At YesP, we see corporate culture as a key to success and better performance. We combine international science, process knowledge and experience of change management in different industries to create positive results, increased competitiveness and job satisfaction. Apply for our programme to gain the knowledge needed to develop effective strategic leadership.