Harrison Talent Management System

Harrison Assessments was founded more than 20 years ago with the stated goal of creating a tool that focuses on the difference between high and low performing individuals in defined positions. It differs from general personality tests because it is strictly focused on work-related factors. The very basis for hiring, retaining and developing employees is to effectively assess both suitability and eligibility for the job.


Benefits of Harrison Assessments:

  • Assesses eligibility and suitability for a given role
  • Reduces time and resources for each recruitment
  • Reduces the risk of sorting out potential high performers

    Harrison Assessments gives you:

  • Unmatched precision
  • More than 6500 unique job profiles
  • Screening for whitewashing
  • 20-30-minute assessment corresponds to more than one full day’s test using traditional methods

    YesP has a vast experience with the Harrison Assessment system. Besides being a unique recruitment tool, you can also use it to develop, manage and retain the person recruited. That is, the tool covers the entire process from recruitment, personnel development, staff engagement and succession planning.

    Read more about the tool Harrison Assessment Talent Solution
Harrison Talent Management System

Tools we use

Acumen Leadership Workstyles (360)
Harrison Talent Management System


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