As we see it, there is only one strategy that works. The one followed through.

Therefore, we work closely with our clients to bring about real change, rather than reports and recommendations.

Since 2001, we have helped hundreds of companies, administrations and organizations turn strategic decisions into measurable reality.

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Cultural Analysis & Cultural Strategy, Organizational Development and Management Team & Leadership Development.

The only security is in constant development. But how do you get all employees to agree on a way forward, and how do you create a basis for change?

Our service, Organizational Development,is based on methods that creates a vibrant culture which permeates the entire organization. The focus is on generating results through cooperation, development and the desire to perform and achieve mutual goals. Together we increase resolve and tenacity to turn strategic decisions into actions to achieve sustainable change.

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Cultural Analysis & Cultural Strategy

Culture should be one of the strongest assets for an organization. But how do you know that your organization’s culture meets all internal and external expectations? Or that vision and values are not just buzz words but acting as a daily driving force?

Our service, Cultural Analysis & Cultural Strategy measures and evaluates the impact of culture on performance levels, in order to identify potential and provide suggestions for effective change. Consequently, Culture Analysis & Cultural Strategy is an excellent starting point for achieving better strategic decisions and increasing overall efficiency in the long-term.

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Management Team Development & Leadership Training

How do you know that management and executives work optimally? Does the management team and executives actively make the organization an effective and fun filled workplace?

Our services within LeadershipManagement Team Development and Leadership Training – aims to strengthen both groups and individuals in managerial positions.

Management Team Development aims to increase managements impact on organization, performance and results. Through assessment and coaching, we create tools to identify efficient ways that will increase resolve and drive, turning strategies and policies a reality in everyday life.

 Leadership training aims at strengthening and increasing leaders’ ability to instill trust and confidence, both internally and externally. Emphasis is also on balancing soft and hard issues, leading cultural transitions, renewal and agility for better measurable results. Unlike many other Leadership Training deliverers on the market, we tailor our training based on clients’ expectations, challenges and needs.

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