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YesP has a wide range of services, which includes everything from business management and general business development to individual coaching of managers and employees, as well as team development and management group development. In most of our assignments, our services are tailored to the customer’s needs.

Strategic work and real performance development

The common feature of our services is that our customers always wants to move from one position to another, from the current situation to the desired. Our services facilitate that journey. To our aid, we have several tools and analytical assessments. Some we have developed ourselves, like our Performance Index, which measures the current state of an organization’s performance, overall or on an individual level. Another analysis tool is Acumen Leadership styles for output-focused leadership. In addition, we are certified users of CTT (culture transformation tools), Denison Organizational Culture for cultural analyzes and Harrison Assessments in both recruitment and performance development.

We have extensive experience of working with large organizations with high demands on quality and results. We have good knowledge of LEAN and tools linked to continuous improvement. Above all, we know how to get change processes and strategies to realized and lived by in workplaces.

Here you will find a selection of the tools and analyzes that we use and provide.

Performance analysis is an analysis tool that evaluates and focuses the company’s performance level based on management’s and employees’ perception of the current situation. It is a process tool that gives a common picture of overall performance level, strengths and weaknesses and possibly. differences between countries, departments, positions etc. The result gives you the opportunity to see what measures and decisions that best benefit your business performance level.

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The Denison Organizational Culture Survey aims to assess an organization’s cultural strengths and weaknesses to highlight aspects that affect the overall performance. Using the analysis, organizations can compare their organizational culture to a global database and develop action plans to improve their current practices.

The analysis gives organizations the opportunity to:

  • assess strengths and weaknesses that affect performance
  • identify areas for improvement
  • adjust cultural change and leadership
  • create development initiatives

Denison Organizational Culture Survey is available in over 40 languages.

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CTT (Cultural Transformation Tools) is a set of tools for measuring and visualizing core values and culture in organizations. The basic idea in the cultural analysis is that common goals and core values increase the sense of belonging and meaning, which means that we both feel and perform better.

In the cultural analysis, we look mainly at:

  • Consistency between personal values and current valuation in the organization
  • Consistency between current and desired values in the organization
  • A value that shows the percentage of current values that are potentially limiting. With high entropy values, we have a lot of energy leakage and fears in the organization
  • Consistency between different parts and areas within the administration and which values are governing. Here we get help to assess how united the current culture is.

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Harrison Assessments was founded more than 20 years ago with the stated goal of creating a tool that focuses on the difference between high and low performing individuals in defined positions. It differs from general personality tests because it is strictly focused on work-related factors. The very basis for hiring, retaining and developing employees is to effectively assess both suitability and eligibility for the job.

Benefits of Harrison Assessments:

  • Assesses eligibility and suitability for a given role
  • Reduces time and resources for each recruitment
  • Reduces the risk of sorting out potential high performers

Harrison Assessments gives you:

  • Unmatched precision
  • More than 6500 unique job profiles
  • Screening for whitewashing
  • 20-30-minute assessment corresponds to more than one full day’s test using traditional methods

YesP has a vast experience with the Harrison Assessment system. Besides being a unique recruitment tool, you can also use it to develop, manage and retain the person recruited. That is, the tool covers the entire process from recruitment, personnel development, staff engagement and succession planning.

Read more about the tool Harrison Assessment Talent Solution

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Acumen leadership workstyles is a 360° self-evaluation and feedback program for managers/leaders. The program captures attitudes and patterns of thought that are crucial for your ability to act and lead in an effective way. Based on valuation results, the program provides highly personal descriptive reports on how your attitudes and thought patterns affect your ability to set goals, manage projects, work with others and exercise leadership.

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