Coaching for better performance.


YesP was one of the first consulting companies in Sweden to work with performance coaching. We have over 20 years of international experience in performance coaching together with business executives, middle managers and employees around the world.

YesP’s certified coaches always work very close to the needs of the business with full focus on the individual and the results that need to be delivered. In addition to competence in coaching, YesP’s great business experience in managing and running companies and organizations, knows what is needed to get the entire business to perform better. We have a well-founded methodology and an attractive pedagogics that works.

We know the enormous difference individual performance coaching can make for individuals and organizations’ ability to reach their goals and improve their results. Having someone who inspires, challenges, motivates and helps to develop the very best is crucial to achieving success.

Effect and results

Performance coaching mainly focuses on business aspects with personal development effects as a result. It differentiates us from most other coaches on the market, which many times remains within personal development without a clear business or performance effect. For us, it is therefore obvious to rename our coaching to just performance coaching.

YesP has extensive experience of coaching people from different cultures, countries and industries.

Different offers for different roles

For us at YesP, coaching is about innovative thinking, force of action and learning to utilize our full potential to successfully address the challenges that we face. You get to know yourself on a deeper level, understand driving forces and what you need to perform. The challenges can be about strategy recognition, cultural change, interaction and how to handle obstacles to better performance.

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We offer, among other things:

  • Executive coaching
  • Head Coaching
  • Employee Coaching

In addition, we work with coaching for work groups and project groups.