Cultural Analysis & Cultural Strategy

Culture should be one of the strongest assets for an organization. But how do you know that your organization’s culture meets all internal and external expectations? Or that vision and values are not just buzz words but acting as a daily driving force?

Our service, Cultural Analysis & Cultural Strategy measures and evaluates the impact of culture on performance levels, in order to identify potential and provide suggestions for effective change. Consequently, Cultural Analysis & Cultural Strategy is an excellent starting point for achieving better strategic decisions and increasing overall efficiency in the long-term.

Our method

Since all organizations are different, we adapt our way of working for each client. However, we always follow a few essential principles:

Result oriented

Everything we do needs to create results. Therefor we always start by defining ambitions and goals for our partnership.

Systemic approach

Even though we work systematically and methodically to achieve set goals, we need to constantly link up-to-date business intelligence to grasp the outside world’s impact on us.

Value adding

What we do together needs to add value for the entire organization. Now and tomorrow.


No organization successfully moves forward without having all involved on board.  Therefor we believe working in partnership with shared commitment and responsibility.

Set up

Our service, Cultural Analysis & Cultural Strategy covers two phases. Initially, we assess the primary culture of the organization based on personal interviews, web surveys and existing factual material.

Next step is to analyze gathered material in workshops with key people, to create a shared picture of current situation. This forms the basis of a plan that determines the organization’s goals and needs for future change work.

In addition, Cultural Analysis & Cultural Strategy provides a clear picture of strengths and weaknesses that affect the group’s performance and identifies incentives for a better goal success in the future.

Två tecknade managementkonsulter från YesP och ett förstoringsglas som illustrerar kulturanalys.


Our service Cultural Analysis & Cultural Strategy is aimed at companies, organizations and administrations with a diverse type of focus and size but similar need to recognize and identify cultural aspects that affect overall performance and result.

Need a current list of references and insights from clients with similar issues? Please get in touch and let us know.

Get started

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