Management Team Development and Leadership Training


How do you know that management and executives work optimally? Does the management team and executives actively make the organization an effective and fun filled workplace?

Our services within LeadershipManagement Team Development and Leadership Training – aims to strengthen both groups and individuals in managerial positions.

Management Team Development aims to increase managements impact on organization, performance and results. Through assessment and coaching, we create tools to identify efficient ways that will increase resolve and drive, turning strategies and policies a reality in everyday life.

Leadership training aims at strengthening and increasing leaders’ ability to instill trust and confidence, both internally and externally. Emphasis is also on balancing soft and hard issues, leading cultural transitions, renewal and agility for better measurable results. Unlike many other Leadership Training deliverers on the market, we tailor our training based on clients’ expectations, challenges and needs.

Our method

Since all organizations are different, we adapt our way of working for each client. However, we always follow a few essential principles:

Result oriented

Everything we do needs to create results. Therefor we always start by defining ambitions and goals for our partnership.

Systemic approach

Even though we work systematically and methodically to achieve set goals, we need to constantly link up-to-date business intelligence to grasp the outside world’s impact on us.

Value adding

What we do together needs to add value for the entire organization. Now and tomorrow.


No organization successfully moves forward without having all involved on board.  Therefor we believe working in partnership with shared commitment and responsibility.

Set up

Our Services, Management Team Development and Leadership Training, is carried out in close partnership with management, board or similar. Our experience shows that the most effective actions take place when our clients gather leaders committed to work with the company’s direction and challenges.

Our service, Management Team Development, is delivered in the form of mutual workshops, individual coaching and agile training based on concrete challenges in everyday life. Progressively, we evaluate efforts to see what impact they have had on daily operations and procedures. After program completion, achieved effect is measured compared to initially set goals.

Leadership Development focus on providing individuals in leadership position with methods for personal growth and tools to a more efficient leadership. Since all individuals and situaltions are different, the layout may look different from time to time. However, the aim is always the same – to strengthen the leadership role and to enhance the internal dialogue and interaction for efficiency, learning and synergies throughout the organization.

Två illustrerade managementkonsulter från YesP, en uppgående pil likt en vägvisare i ledarskap med tecknade skyskrapor längst bort.


At YesP, we always work close to the company’s needs with full focus on team, individual and delivering results. We have long and extensive international experience from working with management teams in business and public administration, in both small and large organizations. Want to know more about how we add value to management teams and leaders? Get in touch and we’ll tell you more about past experiences.

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