Organizational Development

The only security is in constant development. But how do you get all employees to agree on a way forward, and how do you create a basis for change?

Our service, Organizational Development, is based on methods that creates a vibrant culture which permeates the entire organization. The focus is on generating results through cooperation, development and the desire to perform and achieve mutual goals. Together we increase resolve and tenacity to turn strategic decisions into actions to achieve sustainable change.

Our method

Since all organizations are different, we adapt our way of working for each client. However, we always follow a few essential principles:

Result oriented

Everything we do needs to create results. Therefor we always start by defining ambitions and goals for our partnership.

Systemic approach

Even though we work systematically and methodically to achieve set goals, we need to constantly link up-to-date business intelligence to grasp the outside world’s impact on us.

Value adding

What we do together needs to add value for the entire organization. Now and tomorrow.


No organization successfully moves forward without having all involved on board.  Therefor we believe working in partnership with shared commitment and responsibility.

Set up

The extent of our service Organizational Development depends on needs, size and circumstances. Most often, it includes joint workshops, group meetings and individual tasks and assignments.

At individual level, we focus on skills development, motivation and ability linked to performance-driven activities for individuals, teams and clients.

At interpersonal level, we look at work tasks and cross-functional processes, where most frequent root causes for poor performance are commonly found.

At organizational level we work with management, strategies and culture. And on a business intelligence level, external factors such as socioeconomic trends, legislation, environmental requirements, opinions and preferences are addressed.

Två illustrerade YesP managementkonsulter tänker och bearbetar en organisationsutvecklingsprocess.


Our service Organizational Development is aimed at all types of organizations – from small and medium-sized companies and global corporations to local and national administrations.

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How to get started

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