To lead cultural development

A lecture in understanding and leading cultural change is an effective way to bring up important issues about culture and its impact on performance and results on the agenda. The lecture helps to make the obscure subject of organizational culture concrete and understandable to everyone. After the lecture, leaders and employees realize what impact the culture has on them and the results they perform together. They also realize that it is quite possible to change parts of the culture that do not benefit the business.

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Trust-based leadership

Through a lecture on Trust-based leadership, you will have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with what forms the basis of a leadership that responds to today’s and tomorrow’s need for leadership in our organizations. The lecture is about getting leadership to flourish throughout the organization. To make people want to take responsibility and contribute to better and wiser decisions. A leadership that can adapt to rapid change and high complexity. A leadership based on trusting relationships, internally and externally.


A lecture on Trust-based leadership can be given in 1-2 hours.

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