Managing Culture Change

We have noted a rising understanding of the potential that lies within an organization’s culture and its significance to overall business success. At, YesP, we have over the years, through missions and experience, developed a certain aptitude on how to improve and foster a culture where people enjoy performing for better results.

Our training program, Understanding and Managing Culture Change, enables participants to navigate towards essential business objectives by means of cultural settings. After the program, you have the understanding and knowledge to analyze organizational culture and define correlations between cultural expressions and their influence on performance. The program enables you to lead and run cultural change ventures that supports the organization’s long term ambitions and goals. A culture that becomes a success factor.

Key elements of the program:

  • To analyze organizational culture in a given context
  • To take proper action for accurate effect on results – How and where do I see our culture? How and in what way can we influence it?
  • To lead cultural development and behavior. How do you establish commitment? How does a role-model act? How to create cultural shift and constant development?
  • How to establish, in alliance with employees and surroundings, commitment and job-satisfaction in the organization.
  • Connecting culture with structures to create lasting results.


The program mixes theory and concept with hands-on understanding and training providing clarifications for occurrences in everyday life. Understanding and Managing Culture Change is a 5-days full-time program, spread throughout the year.

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Change Management

Our training program, Change Management, evolves around understanding key aspects of organizational change and how to incorporate and manage these to methodically run change processes. Aspects include process management and design, behavioral aspects of leading people in change and establishing support and commitment. This program develops your leadership and interpersonal skills and provides you with insights, competence and tools to successfully manage small to full-scale organizational change.

The program, as most of our training, is based on real and current issues facing our participant’s organizations, bringing a collection of ideas, skills and tools to lead actual change processes.

Key elements of the program:

  • Systematic change management, step by step.
  • Be able to differentiate between change and transformation, meaning what needs to change and how people experience and react to said change.
  • Tools and methods to manage resistance to change and handle damaging attitudes.
  • Reflect to and connect with participant’s organizations current situation.


The program mixes theory and concept with hands-on understanding and training for occurrences in everyday life. Managing Culture Change is a 2-days full-time program with additional time for reflection and practice.

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Managing Performance Development

Managing Performance Development is a custom-made leadership program based on a mixture of team work-shops and individual coaching, where experiences, potential and knowledge is shared and addressed.

Managing Performance Development aims to provide participants with tools and methods that will strengthen organizational growth and development as well as commitment and drive for both leaders and employees. The effect of this program is evident in all aspects where employee’s performance is crucial to the organizations ability to create value. The core of this program is participants own issues and situations and the dialogue between participants.

Key elements:

  • Ability to create job-satisfaction and motivation to develop and perform for all employees.
  • Strategic competence and ability to develop and run processes that will increase performance and commitment.
  • Managing an organizational culture built on trust for long-term high level performance.
  • Opportunity to be part of shared experiences and knowledge involving leadership, culture, change- and performance psychology.
  • Viewpoints on how to handle and respond to demands and expectations from employees and customers.
  • Merge individual coaching and assignments with recent insights and skillsinto a distinct plan of action to be used in daily life.


Managing Performance Development mixes team-based knowledge and experience sharing with individual assignments and coaching. You’ll also receive theory and practical training according to participant’s current situation

The program consists of five stages performed over a period of six months.

  1. 1-day with team
  2. 2-hours individual coaching
  3. Half-day with team
  4. 2-hours individual coaching
  5. 1-day with team
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Trust-based Leadership

Perhaps the most important aspect of management is a leadership that instills trust. It benefits employees at all levels and shapes the organization’s communication, culture and results. Our training program, Trust-based Leadership, aims to provide insights, skills and practical training on how to accomplish just that. It will enable you to create efficient, productive and healthy organizations where people can thrive and reach their full potential.

A trust-based leadership takes a backseat when needed to allow for others to step forward and take responsibility. It’s a rather unconventional take on leadership which differs from classical views on individuality and heroism. It’s more about building relationships, ability to cooperate, openness and commitment to shared responsibility for culture, performance and results. We believe managers and employees alike wants to feel responsible and committed to their job. Managements priority is not to motivate and develop employees but to instill trust so individuals can explore and make full use of their own potential and capability.

This program, Trust-based Leadership, participants receive skills and tools they may use“on the job”, to increase performance, efficiency and job-satisfaction in the entire organization, on all levels, all the way to the customers receiving end.

Key elements of the program:

  • Formal or informal leadership – how does it affect trust?
  • How do you establish and develop strong relationships, vertically and horizontally?
  • How can you take a step back to let others take a step forward without diminishing your own role?
  • How can you help yourself and others decode old ways of thinking to make room for new and updated views?


This program mixes theoretical knowledge with practical understanding of every day occurring situations. Trust-based Leadership program entails 5 full days spread over 12 months.

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Radical Collaboration

Is a management program inspired by The Human Element (Will Schutz och Win-Win) and developed by Roger Fisher, Harvard University. Methods has been revamped and refined by Jim Tamm and Ronald J. Luyet as outlined in the book” Radical Collaboration”.

Radical Collaboration provides insights on how to successfully negotiate conflict of interests and how to prevent and resolve conflicts and disagreements through cooperation and openness within organizations, teams and in general.

The core concept of this program is that through more efficient collaboration and more open communication be able to establish long-term relationships both external and internal.

Key components are:

  • Truth and openness
  • Active listening
  • Personal choices and commitment
  • Self-knowledge and knowledge of others
  • Structured methods and tools

Participants receive:

  • Step by step practice in initiating, running and closing negotiations while establishing honest and lasting work relations.
  • Gain insight of personal attitudes and behaviors when dealing with situations of conflict.
  • Useful tools for all types of relationships and conflict of interests.
  • Understanding of “strong parts in collaboration equals a successful entity”.

Organizations receives:

  • Insights to establish and sustain a lasting trust-based culture.
  • Conflict prevention methods and ways of working
  • How organizational culture affect internal as external relationships. How to better assess and understand current culture and eventual need for change.

This program entails both theoretical and practical workshops.

The practical part is based on problem-solving processes and the theoretical part derives from the FIRO-based development program “The Human Element” and the well renowned Harvard method “Getting to yes” (Roger Fisher & William Ury, Cornerstone, 2012).

Along with Jim Tamm and Ronald J. Luyet “Radical Collaboration”, we explore the basis of these two methods to gradually gain further knowledge, understanding and skills. Initially we work with case studies to ultimately arrive at participants own organizations and its challenges.


Radical Collaboration is a 3-days/2-nights program.

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